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My Father-in-Law

Anonymous, USA
August 2015

About a month ago I received a call from my husband at work telling me he had just found my father in law dead in his house. He died of a heart attack in his sleep. The covers were over him and there were no signs of struggle in the room. He did not seem to have awakened at all.

Little by little all the relatives was called. Grandchildren, daughters-in-law etc. His dead body was in the room for about two hours before the funeral home picked him up.

I have one niece that says she sees things. She is 22 and she told me she has seen them always and everywhere. She told me they look like we do but she says she knows they are not of this world because there is a light surrounding them. She doesn't like to talk about it and tells me she ignores them until they disappear. Well on this day of my father in law's death I saw her crying in the living room and afterwards she told me the following story.

She said that when she walked in the house she heard us crying in the bedroom and she heard a man's voice asking "Why are they crying" she found this strange and thought it was my husband but wondered why he would be asking that. She walked in the room and she said she saw my father in law and he looked at her and asked again: Why are they crying".

She said he smiled at her and kind of shrugged and then he kissed my youngest son on the back of the head and "left". She told me he was in his pajamas dressed just like he was in bed.

When I told my husband and his siblings this they were so happy. They felt their dad was at peace. I told my niece that this is why she has this gift. Maybe she has it to give comfort to love ones of the deceased. She told me she that when she saw him at the house she didn't feel afraid. She said it felt peaceful and not scary at all. And she told me she has not seen him since.

It really gives all of us comfort to know that he died at peace and that his spirit left in peace. Even though we miss him like crazy it's good to know he is at peace.

Anonymous, USA
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