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My Fathers House

Buffy, TX, USA
March 2005

Ok well let me start off by saying that I lived in this house up until a year ago. I had always thought this house was haunted. Small things like the television turning on by themselves, or the stove turning on, or even hearing people talking when I was home alone. I knew it was haunted about two years ago.

My husband Jim and I had just got married and were going through a rough time. Jim moved in with me and my dad the day we got married. Everything was going great until one night my dad went to the hospital for something I really don't remember, but I know he was there overnight.

Jim and I went home to get some sleep and were sitting on the couch. Jim noticed that the house was quite smokey. We are both smokers, but had not had a cigarette in at least 45 minutes. It seemed weird so I told Jim to go check the stove to make sure it had not turned on. Jim hadn't even made it half way to the kitchen when all of a sudden all the smoke in the house came together in the form of an old man. If this wasn't scary enough I had seen this man before outside my house when I was about 6 years old. He was in our yard on the side of the house but had disappeared with the blink of an eye. The smokey figure began to walk towards us, and at that moment I had the feeling of death run throughout my entire body. Needless to say we ran out of the house and didn't go back until my dad was released from the hospital.

There is a second incident.

Yet again my father was in the hospital this time for a heart attack. We had been at the hospital all day long and it was about 11 o'clock at night when we made it home. I walked to the back of the house to my fathers room to get a pair of clean socks to take with us to the hospital the following day. My dad collects old coins and has cases for them. When I walked into his bedroom I noticed that the coins were scattered all over the bedroom. The coins were not like this when we left for the hospital. I yelled to Jim to check all the doors and windows to make sure that no one had broke into the house. Everything was still locked up and then I noticed that my dads gun was laying on the bed loaded. We have a rule about that particular gun. It is never to be loaded. At this point me and Jim are getting very creeped out. All of a sudden a picture falls off the wall and props itself against the door to where we can not get out. We start to hear voices all around us but see no one. Just that moment the phone rings and the picture that was in front of the door falls over releasing us from the bedroom. It was my father on the phone. To me it's just creepy that all of this stuff happens when my father is not home.

This entire story is true, and the scariest part is that when my father passes on I inherit this house.

Buffy, TX, USA
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