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My Fathers Visit

October 2001

One night around 3:00AM, I believe my father's spirit had returned to visit me.

It all began when I was 11-years-old. My father passed away in October of '94 due to a fatal car crash. Now being as young as I was, I often wondered: "What happened?", "What went wrong?", and "Why?". Soon my answers would be answered in one form or another.

Late one night in July of '95, as I lay awake in my parents waterbed, because I had left my room feeling scared of the dark and liked being next to my mom, I was gazing down the hallway that leads to the kitchen window because the streetlight was gleaming down to the room. Now in my room, which was to the left, I wouldn't have noticed the light and this scary, yet reassuring, event would not have happened. My parents' room was to the right and this is where I believe that my father's ghost or spirit visited me. Now getting back to the gazing, I suddenly noticed a weird blue light outside. Then all of a sudden it floated through the kitchen window and down the hall towards the room that I was in. Being only eleven-years-old, I was scared stiff and immediately pulled the covers over my head so that I wouldn't see what it was. The next thing that happened was that the blue light, which was actually an orb of some type, came to rest right over my head as I was looking up. The light was so bright that I could clearly see right through the covers and it frightened me. Although it did not last long, it did do something which I could clearly say it did.

The orb or light blinked twice very brightly and then rested a little longer over my head then as I remember it left on the same line of travel as it came, but something I neglected to remember was that as it passed through the hallway the floor boards creaked. But this was not just the house settling for the night. When my father was alive and walked down the hallway, the floor boards creaked in an unusual way, especially since he was a rather heavy man. The creaking noise made the familiar sound of my father walking down the hall.

This, I believe was evidence that my father, who passed away in 1994, had revisited me. I think about that now and think 'thank-you' to my father for coming to me in my time of need when I grieved so much for him. I hope this has touched you as much as it has impacted my way of thinking and life, making me very interested in the paranormal.

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