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My First Apartment

July 2003, I still live in this apartment just to kinda, fill you in.

I moved out with my boyfriend of 4 years in November of this year. We were approved for the first apartment we saw, and we loved it. It's got the original hardwood floors, and arched doorways. Not too big overall, but a huge kitchen, lots of windows and a wide open feel to it.

The first night we stayed up until like 6 am unpacking. We were exhausted as we had stayed up until 6am the night before packing at his old apartment and my parents house. I slept rather soundly!

The next 3 weeks I literally had to pass out to go to sleep. I would get into bed beside my boyfriend, turn on the radio (I listen to a station that plays Old radio shows each night at 11pm--and have been for years, this is not what scared me) What scared me was the sound of what seemed to be an older person shuffling back and forth through the kitchen to the living room and back. The sounds reached to the sink in the kitchen (just outside my range of sight whilst looking out of my bedroom door) and back to the living room. This continued until I passed out/fell asleep from exhaustion.

A few months later....

My girlfriend decides she's gonna spend the night on the couch. That night, I do not hear shuffling noises, and sleep peacefully.

The next morning I wake up and ask her how she slept. She says fine, but she was woken up around 2am. She said could hear someone kinda...shuffling back and forth in the kitchen. She then asked "Did you have a bad night last night? Were you sick or something?" to see if it had been me walking around at God knows what time of the night.

I only smiled and told her that it was the first night I DIDN'T hear someone shuffling around, and explained to her the events of the evenings spanning the last 3 weeks.

The shuffling has diminished since we've lived there, as I think whatever/whomever it is has either gotten used to us or taken a liking to us. I only hear it now when something bad happens (my boyfriend spent a week in the hospital recently, and the shuffling was back. I didn't get much sleep, as the pacing was endless it seemed.) The shuffling is minimal now as he's back and normalcy has somewhat returned to our daily routines.

Also, as usual in any case with a cat, we've caught her ripping around "chasing" a string that only she can see. It's like it's being dragged slowly, and then being pulled really fast when she attempts to sneak up on it.

Thanks much for your time.

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