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My First Experience With A Ghost

Brittany Kirk, Maryland, USA
September 2000

It all started with me being bored. I was in my bedroom setting up a fake store. I decided to do this so I would not be bored anymore. I had my friend Rachel call to order something just for fun. While doing this, I glanced around my room trying to find something she might want to buy. I had a blue, purple, and white tie dye ball that I had won at a carnival. It was at the foot of my bed. I turned away for a second. After doing so, I turned back, and I saw my ball moving towards my window. I couldn't believe my eyes! I looked at my bed and saw my bed skirt fly up. After about five seconds it went back down. This was in the winter, so I did not have a window opened or an air conditioner on. It was already cold. So remember, this was my first experience, so I didn't know how to handle or react to it. So without thinking, I ran straight out of my bedroom into the bathroom while screaming. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. Remembering that I had dropped the phone, I ran back to get it. Rachel was still on the phone, thank God, I could really have used a friend at this point. I told her what happened, and she didn't believe me. She said, and I quote " Nu uh", and the I said "Uh huh, I swear to God!", and then started crying. Now she believed me. I went to my room to get a tissue, and saw that my ball was where it was five minutes ago, which was at the foot of my bed. This all happened about 10:27 that night. So no one in my house except for me was awake. So no one could have moved the ball. I slept in my old room that night. I was practically to scared to sleep at all that night. Ever since, nothing like that has happened to me. Thats a good thing. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Brittany Kirk, Maryland, USA
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