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Anonymous, Manila, Philippines
August 2012

I always loved paranormal stuff. I wish that someday I might experience one. But not in my early age. This experience changed everything.

When I was in grade 3, our dismissal was earlier than the higher grades because our school buses were only a few. I was waiting for my mom to fetch me (my house was near to school) and I sat on the canteen over viewing the gate of our school. Then I saw bunch of my friends roaming around when I called them. One of them, Leanne asked if I could join their "ghost-hunting" I agreed. Our school was once a hospital so its haunted. We first went to the corridors of the 1st grade. The doors of the classrooms had windows so you can peek inside. When we passed there, I kept my eyes inside the rooms, when we got to the last door, I saw a kid, about 5 or 4 standing at the very end of the room. I can't see her face because her hair was covering her face. Then she stretched out her arm and pointed at me. I was frozen stiff. my friends shouted at me and I noticed that I was far behind. When I looked back the girl vanished. I quickly told them then we ran back to the canteen. I was fetched after that.

When I got home, I ate my after-school snacks in our 2nd- floor living room. The 3rd floor only has the maids quarters and attic but there were no doors or walls so you can see clearly who was going down. While I was reading a comic book, I saw a shadowy figure on the 3rd floor. thinking that it was our maid, I waited for her to go to the 2nd floor and asked her if she know where my slippers were. When I asked, there was no answer. The figure just went down to the first floor. When I looked at the stairs it was gone. I knew someone was going down because I looked at the stairs immediately(our stairs have 14 steps and I looked when the figure was on the 4th step). I was shocked. Thinking of what happened in school I thought maybe the ghost girl followed me.

After that I never saw a shadowy figure again. But I can sense someone is looking at me and I can sense someone came in my room until now...

Maybe it's the girl... is she still following me?

Anonymous, Manila, Philippines
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