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My Following Guardian

Rebecca, Indiana, USA
May 2000

When I was younger I had an old child sized rocking chair that would sit by my bed. I can remember waking up some nights to the sound of the chair rocking. Sometimes I'd glance over and see a figure rocking in it and looking over at me. It always felt so loving and peaceful and never frightened me. I always felt like I was being watched over.

Some years later I had fallen into the wrong crowd in high school, and doing drugs. In early October I had gone to school and decided stupidly to buy a hit of acid (LSD) from a friend. I had gym class the 1st period of the day and had taken it just before. It takes about an hour and a half for this drug to start to take effect. So there I was in gym class waiting for it when I felt horribly sick to my stomach and asked the gym teacher if I could walk around the other gym. Now I attended a huge high school. We had two gyms, one upstairs behind a door and one below it with a balcony surrounding it. The bottom gym and balcony were unoccupied and the top gym was closed off with everyone inside bowling. I went to walk around the balcony feeling pretty awful and as I was walking I heard footsteps behind me and thinking nothing of it really. Then I heard someone softly saying my name. I turned around expecting one of my friends to be there and I didn't see anything. I kept walking thinking nothing of it when I heard my name being whispered again this time louder so I turned around and just saw what looked like a white figure and it disappeared quickly. I wasn't afraid and shrugged it off. Again I heard my name but this time right in my ear. Then I stopped and looked around and said "What?" in a pretty demanding voice. In my ear I heard it say "Rebecca you can't continue this.Your going to kill yourself with this lifestyle, and your so bright." It sounded really sad and concerned. I started crying and just standing there.I felt like I was being hugged and then I heard footsteps walking away. I know your thinking that I was drugged at that point, but I had only just taken the hit and it wouldn't of started taking effect so soon. I had the most horrible day. I felt absolutely sick all day and just felt like I was going to die. I felt that the voice I heard and the figure I saw was my guardian from the rocking chair watching out for me. I never took another drug after that day.

Rebecca, Indiana, USA
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