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My Friend Gabe

Michelle Pepe, Montana, USA
May 2002

Approximately 2 years ago, I quit my job as a hairstylist and went to work for my sister in a well known casino/sports bar in Billings, MT. I was to work in the bar as a bartender full-time nights. Now, it is important to this story for all to know the layout of this establishment, so please bear with me! :) The business is in a building that has separate rooms for all it's functions: sports bar, casino, restaurant, and virtual golf. Each room has it's own separate door that can be closed and locked, if needed, and all are connected by what I call a hallway, where the snack machines and beer taps for the casino are located.

My first encounter with "Gabe" was about a week after I had started my employment. I had just closed down the bar at 2a.m. and I was counting my till. The casino attendant, Jennie, had closed the bar door that connects to the casino about 15 min. previous, as she was vacuuming and didn't want to disturb the few customers I was trying to kick out. Anyway, as I was counting my till, I heard a whistle far off; it seemed to have come from outside. I turned back to my counting, and I heard another whistle, but this time it was much closer. It seemed to have come from over by the pool table. I stopped and looked around, and of course there was nothing there. I felt really foolish and told myself that I was just being jumpy, so I continued to count the money. The third whistle came, and it was RIGHT IN MY EAR!!! It was so loud that my ear rang! Needless to say, the money went everywhere and I took off for the bar door. Well, not only did Jennie close that door, but she locked it also. I almost passed out!! I then ran for the door that connects the bar to the restaurant. Now, I had to go through that doorway, into the dark restaurant, and to the door on the other side to get out. THAT particular door can be locked also. All the while, I was praying that she hadn't locked that door too!!!! She did not, and I ran into the casino just freaking out and scaring poor Jennie to death! lol That was my first encounter.

After that experience, I just told myself to buck up, that I would be okay, that it was just my imagination and I could do my job every nite without any trouble. Well, the spirit didn't think that was such a good idea! Nightly, I would have to turn off the 12 tv's and 3 big screen tv's in the bar. One particular tv (the one by the pool table) would turn itself back on at least 3 times a night. So, I found that if I asked nicely that whoever was turning it on would please leave it off so I could finish my job, it would not come on again.

One night, after my co-workers and I sat discussing the happenings in the place (we were having what we called an 'employee meeting'; we were all off that night and got together for drinks) one of the cooks mentioned that he had a Ouija board at his house. Well, of course we all badgered him until he went and got it. We didn't get too much out of the spirit, but we did learn that his name was Gabe, and that he did not die on that property. He also did say that his death had something to do with the former owners of the establishment, but would not say what or who. He did say that he meant us no harm, that he was just lonely and loved to scare us out of our wits! lol

After this session, it was much easier to deal with the sounds and the sightings of Gabe. I used to see him in the restaurant quite frequently late at night. There were times when he still used to scare the bejesus out of us and a few customers too. A regular customer in the casino, I'll call him Sam, used to complain quite frequently of someone laughing next to his ear. No one else heard this, but on one occasion, when Sam and Jennie were the only ones in the casino, Jennie heard it too. Another time when I was vacuuming in the bar, I saw footprints in the carpet walking in front of me!! He kept that up until I put the vacuum away. One Thanksgiving night I was alone in the whole place (I was the only one working) and I kept hearing someone walking on the roof. I had to use the bathroom but I didnt want to walk through the dark place until someone else finally came in. A customer finally did, and I told her to please tell anyone else that came in that I would be right back. I used the restroom, washed my hands, and went back out into the casino. Then this customer, I'll call her Beth, said she needed to use the restroom. She came back out and asked me why I left five pennies on the sink. I told her that I didn't. She held out her hand and said that she found five pennies on the sink and that they were all face up. I told her that I didn't put them there, and I'm sure I would have seen them when I washed my hands. So, we both just blew it off. A while later, I decided to clean the machines, which was a nightly duty. As I went to clean off the top of the first machine, I noticed there were 2 pennies face up on top of the machine. I mentioned this to Beth, and she stood up and looked at the top of her machine and there were 2 pennies face up on hers as well. Needless to say, there were 2 pennies face up on top of all the machines!! I guess Gabe was just trying to get my attention

Well, this is getting very long...sorry for that! If anyone would like to comment or would like to know more of my experiences, please feel free to email me!

Michelle Pepe, Montana, USA
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