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My Friends Say I'm Gifted

Turk, Ontario, Canada
March 2006

Well first off I am very skeptical of the paranormal (I'm not narrow minded but in my experience there is a completely scientific explanation for everything!) but stories of the paranormal intrigue me!

You see the thing is I have never experienced the paranormal but my friends say the have seen me have some experiences! to further explain that statement I will say that a lot of my friends who are believers say they have all had experiences multiple times and are very frightening. furthermore they say the experiences are all the same except when a certain variable is added...Me!

The first time I was made aware of this was when I was a little brat around the age of 6. My parents had just bought a new house (which I am still currently living in) when we got the house there was no foundation. to save on heating costs my parents had a foundation put in. but previous to the construction, ever since we moved in, my father would wake up in the night and have conversations with my mom. unlike most people I remember my childhood, and my fathers midnight conversations with my mother did disturb me sometimes, which I do remember. although they had conversations at these times as a child I never knew what they were saying. I was later told in my teens, by my mother what these conversations were about. you see my father would have these dreams where he would be sleeping in his bed beside my mom face up looking past the end of his bed to the door at the far side of the room. when suddenly a head of a young girl would be seen at the end of his bed. then he would see her body and arms, then her legs, and then thats when he noticed she was floating. he said that the girl would pass through the roof of his bedroom. my dad had the exact same dream every once in a while. the only time he said the dream had changed is when one night after I had been stung by a bee, he let me sleep in bed with him and my mom (I was only six I so I was kind of a crybaby) he said that he had the dream of the little girl the next morning but instead of passing through the ceiling she was sitting at the end of the bed talking to me! I never knew of these dreams until I was in my teens. the thing that is weird is that after my parents had put the foundation on the house the dreams stopped happening! it was as if the girl was trying to tell my Father that we needed the foundation. I never thought any of it since.

I thought it weird that the only time the dream changed was when I was around. but this was not the only time an experience like this has happened.

About 1 year ago (very close to the date) I had been invited to a party at my friends house. now some of my friends attending the party had experienced the paranormal when they have been in the house before. they proceeded to tell me the story. apparently (I think it was a hoax against me that night) but whenever they were in the basement (not the kind of creepy dungeon basement you might be thinking of, it was a well furnished and comfortable not creepy basement) whenever they lit a candle and looked toward the stairs they would see two shadows (one male and one female, silhouettes) moving down the stairs towards them as if they were walking down together. when they blew out the candle they would hear something grumble in a violent tone. they said it kept getting louder as if it was coming closer. as soon as they would turn on the lights they saw the shadows again but they this time would fly up the stairs. Now remembering that I am a skeptic and at this time half in the bag, I had burst out in laughter. now when I looked at all my friends they all had very solemn faces on. intrigued and curious to why they would play such a joke on me I asked if we could try. now when we performed the little ceremony by lighting the candle, I in fact did see shadows at the top of the stairs. I could see them clear as day but they did not move down the stairs. my friends looking puzzled, stared at the figures in disbelief (some of my friends hid under blankets, which by the way is not a rational way to face your fear) they all at once turned to me. knowing what to do I blew the candle out. now there was a loud grumbling noise (which a lot of my friends jumped at, I must also admit I did at first too) but the noise was coming from the furnace. explaining to my friends to stop drinking for a while, and that it was just their own shadows on the stairs and they should not jump every time the furnace comes on. my friends swear that it always happens, and that they were not pulling a joke on me. they even went as far as hoping online to show me a news article of a couple that was murdered in the very same house. I will admit living in a crime scene would freak me out a little too... but to be so scared of it that you start acting irrational is a load of nonsense.

This time while I was present the circumstance was different. and the time line goes on for more horror subdued by my presence (I'm not self conceited I just think it is funny)

Now that very summer I was hanging out with my friend, (who I took very seriously and was deeply infatuated with) we were at her house with some of the guests from the party of horror in attendance as well as some newbies. we somehow got into asking my friend why she was so shook up (you see she looked like she had not slept in weeks) and she had a story of paranormal presence in her house. she went on to explain that her and her mother who lived together in the house, have been hearing strange squeaking noises at night. I said that it was probably rats, or at least the house settling. she said that she wish it were true. you see she had only lived in that house for a short while before this happened. every night she would hear the squeaking noises in her basement (why is it always the basements?) just down the basement hall from her room. now she said the noises would travel up and down the hall. this sometimes disturbed her but she at first thought nothing of it. now my friend I thought was as well a skeptic, but she said she now was a "believer". she had continued to say that the noises have been getting worse, and she had to move her room upstairs. when her mother asked a neighbor, apparently a young man paralyzed from the waist had died by his wheel chair as well as his entire body falling down the stairs. now let me tell you these were pretty steep stairs, so even the largest man in the world could be killed easily by falling down them (which by the way I hate because I have a fear of steep stairs, I know it's weird but I can't stand the thought of falling down them) the thought of the boys death made me cringe because of my fear. now she then said that one night she could of sworn she saw a wheel chair in the basement lounge, which made her dart for the stairs up into the kitchen. now it was getting pretty late and I kept on provoking her fear by saying "hey where's the wheelchair boy at?" she had then mentioned she had some beer in the basement that night (and myself I love a good drink and cannot pass up a good opportunity). so being the fearless hero (lol) I made my way down the stairs, when she immediately said "your funeral, I don't think he's friendly and he does not like other peop...." she stopped dead immediately she said "I hear him!" that night I think I did hear the squeaking sound (but after a couple drinks I did not care!) so I perked up and said "hey man, watch yourself on the stairs!" my friend said when I said that the sound stopped. from then on as long as you said "watch the stairs" while going into the basement he would not make his sound. my friend once thanked me for busting her ghost (but thats all I got. to this day I still have a little infatuation with her)

Now from then on if someone talks about ghosts my friends usualy say "Turk can get rid of them". some friends of mine (who are very devoted to the paranormal) say that I have a gift, a connection to the afterlife.

When my friends question my ability I always reply "evil fears greater evil" with the biggest grin I can make.

Now If you think my experiences have changed my mind about the spooky, creepy, ghastly and demonic well lets just say you are listening to a changed man......YA RIGHT!!!

Turk, Ontario, Canada
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