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My ghost Follows Me

September 2004

It was May 1999 and my friend Danielle and I had gone to the club that night. I returned home around 1 am. I was alone at the time, my kids were with their grandparents and I was not married.

I lived on the 2nd floor of my apartment building and I left my window in the living room open. The screen had a double lock and I had nothing to worry about.

It was pretty humid outside, so the early morning breeze was refreshing. I did not have anything to drink at the club, so I knew I was not under the influence. Anyway, Danielle came back and yelled my name "Annji" (pronounced, Angie) from the car for me to come back to the club with her. I agreed, she wanted to meet a guy and did not want to go alone.

When I came back home for the second time, I undressed and lay on my couch. I was watching Devil's Advocate and falling asleep. My couch is positioned so I could see down the hallway. It was completely dark in the house with the exception of my TV. I heard someone call my name, but this time it was "Angela". I yelled "what?!" and said "why are you calling me Angela?!" I sat up, I thought it was Danielle coming back and I looked down my hallway. I saw this man leaning against my wall. He was extremely tall, and completely black, but I could see his outline or shape. His feet were crossed at the bottom and his arms were in a folded position. His face was black and I could recognize a smile or grin. I was in shock and I wiped my eyes again. Well I ran out of that house in my undies and stayed away for 3 days. I went to church and asked my pastor to bless my house. The ghost did not do anything frightening, but just seeing him was enough. I never told my children or any family members.

Almost a year to the day later (May 2000) my oldest daughter was home and watching "Hey Arnold" on Nickelodeon. My new husband worked the 2nd shift and it was time for me to pick him up from work. I asked my daughter did she want to go and she said no. I asked my next door neighbor and my downstairs neighbor to watch her for me.

When I got to my husbands job he was laying on the ground outside. He was suffering from heat stroke (he works in a factory that was well known for hot temperatures). I went back home to get my daughter, so we could go to the E.R. She was downstairs and shaking. She told me that she was in the living room and she heard someone calling her name. They said, "Raven" and she answered. She thought it was the next door neighbor, because that same window was opened, and the front door was open, but the screen door was locked. When she looked up, she saw a black figure leaning against the wall. He was extremely tall, and completely black, but she could see his outline or shape. His feet were crossed at the bottom and his arms were in a folded position. His face was black and she could recognize a smile or grin. Those words sent a chill down my spine. It was exactly what I had seen a year earlier.

We moved that May and I guess the ghost loved us because he followed.

My 10 year old daughter saw the same man leaning against my wall by my bedroom door. It was May 2001. She ran so hard, and again I was scared, because I never told my children and my oldest never told her siblings, because she thought it was too scary for them. It is now August 2004 and I saw him again July 2004. I was lying on the couch around 3 am and for some reason I could not sleep. My foster son was lying on the floor and we were watching a movie; Friday the 13th. But this had nothing to do with the story, we love Jason. I could see my bedroom door from the way the couch was positioned and the door was closed. I saw this tall, dark man with no face walk out of my bedroom, and go through the front door, but the strange thing about this was both doors were closed! And he did not make a sound. I lay there with fright and after 5-10 mins I called out to my foster son. He had fallen asleep with his head propped up with his hands and his head had fallen back and it seemed to happen in slow motion. I made myself get up and went into the bedroom, I asked my husband had he gotten up and he said, how could I, I was asleep. He did not say my name this time.

That was the last time I saw my friend, for now. I do not know what to think, he couldn't be a relative, no one has died in my immediate family. My grandfather died in 1985, either on my birthday or he was buried on my birthday. And that was my first time meeting him, in the hospital and he told me that he was afraid to die, and I told him, it was going to be ok and that I was scared as well, but the angels would take care of him. My uncle died 2 years ago, after I first saw the man in black. But who he is? How does he know our names and what does he want. Any thoughts?


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