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My Ghostly Roommate

Liz, Victoria, Australia
January 2008

Growing up, I was always a big believer in the supernatural. And I must say that I have had my fair share of weird experiences, but none of them compared to the strange happenings that are still going on today.

Firstly, I would like to say that I am a common visitor to Castle of Spirits, and though I have read hundreds of ghostly tales, I can't help but notice that they are all about scary, threatening ghosts, the kind of stuff that you expect to see in a horror movie. Well, if you are looking for a really spooky story, stop reading right now, because this isn't an exaggerated ghost story, these are the true events of the friendly ghost that still haunts my home.

I am currently 24, but my story begins when I was 22. I was fresh out of University, and my boyfriend Sid and I had gathered up enough money to buy our first house. Keep in mind that we were young and in love, so our house was certainly no mansion.

The house itself was small, only two bedrooms (one in which we turned into a study) one bathroom, a living/dining room, kitchen, and small outside patio. And from what I can gather the house itself has no violent past.

Before us the house the house only had one owner, and from what she has told us, no strange happenings took place in the house. Sid and I are extremely open minded, and we both share the same fascination for all things supernatural.

For the first few weeks, nothing too unusual happened. On our forth week, we had pretty much settled into our home, painting the rooms bright colours and filling them with whatever furniture we could get our hands on (remember, we weren't exactly rolling in riches, so we took whatever furniture we could get). Sid and I soon noticed that we would often smell phantom scents, mostly that of lavender or burnt popcorn. This struck us as odd, but we didn't pay too much attention.

One night (this was years ago, so the exact date I cannot be sure, I believe it was a Friday or Saturday night). We were sitting on the sofa, watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In front of the sofa is a small round coffee table, which sits an ashtray on top of it. Me being a great lover of Rocky Horror, I couldn't stop myself from getting up and dancing to the 'Time Warp'. Soon Sid and I had got ourselves into a dancing daze, and we did not stop until we heard a "clank!". Looking around to see where the noise came from we soon found that the ashtray on the coffee table was jumping. Yes, that sounds odd, but it was. Jumping a few centimeters into the air and then landing on the coffee table with a rattle. A moments went past, and Sid and I soon found this to be entertaining. We noticed that whoever was lifting the ashtray was fond of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, especially the parts that involved singing and dancing.

After a few hours past, we grew tired and went to bed. This did not please the ghost. We woke up the next morning to find the entire coffee table thrown across the room, and the ashtray was nowhere to be found.

Throughout the following weeks, we came to think of the ghost haunting our house as a friendly roommate. We named the spirit "Rocky" (this being because he would rock our bed at night time). We established that Rocky is a music lover. He is particular fond of Rock n Roll, and Heavy Metal.

I recall an incident when we invited a few friends over for a BBQ. Our music was up loud, and rocky decided to play a little joke. Hearing the screams of a close friend inside, we rushed in to see what was going on. Three empty cola cans stomped on the kitchen counter to the rhythm of the music.

We have even spotted Rocky a few times. We believe that he may be somehow attached to our refrigerator. This sounds odd, but almost every time I open the fridge door I can see a shadowy figure through the corner of my eye.

Throughout the two years of us living in this house, we have come to think of Rocky as family. He joins us during dinner, appearing next to whom ever is talking and mimicking their hand gestures. he also seems to really love music, making his presence known whenever we play a record. We are currently trying to contact rocky, and find out who he was, but he refuses to take part in this. I believe that Rocky enjoys our company, and I hope that whoever purchases the house after us will love Rocky as much as we do.

Liz, Victoria, Australia
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