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My Ghostly Visit To America

Hide, Quebec, Canada
December 2003

Irecently went to America to visit my girlfriend, who is recovering from depressing episodes. I figured out what effects her mood swings.
As we know certain ghosts are drawn to people who are sensitive to them and welcome them openly, like she. They also can tamper with your emotions.

One time while over there, we walked into the field located behind her house. This was just after dusk. Just before we entered the forest attached to the field I felt a pressure against my chest, pushing me back. She just stood there silently. Later, she explained she felt a great force, powerful and evil, go through her. she wanted to give into it, but I told her not to. I seemed to have enraged the spirits with me telling her to ignore it.

One night, after watching Ringu, we wandered down into the basement to watch some late night shows, cuddling on the couch. We got tired quickly so we went to sleep on the fold out couch in the basement. About 5 minutes after getting comfortable, she complained for me to quit poking her. I told her I wasn't, and the fact my hands where pressed to her stomach, so it was impossible. She explained that there was a persistent tapping on her shoulder. Thinking it was a nervous twitch of some sort, she ignored it. Not long after I felt a hand slid down my leg. I told her to quit it, but then I realised her hands where on my back. I was about to tell what ever it was to quit it when I felt something grab my ankles, really hard, so I could barely move. I begged her for us to go upstairs. She complained she was comfortable, but I explained the fact it was grabbing me. We quickly exited the basement and went to her room where we sat, trying to figure it out.

A few days before I was expected to leave, I ran downstairs to grab a few tiny doohickies. Before I went down I suspected someone was already down there for I heard someone open the garage door and walk down the stairs. Imagine my surprise when I realised there was no one down there. I felt something sort of flood towards me, I ignored it and began to walk up the stairs. 2 steps up I heard something come up behind me. Not normal footsteps, but loud, angry ones, like someone wearing heavy steel boots. I ran up the stairs, the stomping following me till I closed the door and clung to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend still tells me all sorts of ghostly experiences. I've had a few in my own home, but I believe they may be my imagination. but I don't really think so.

Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoyed hearing of my experiences.

Hide, Quebec, Canada
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