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My Ghosts/Spirits

March 2001

All of my life I have heard things go bump in the night, heard voices calling my name, voices talking to me, but I never really thought much about them because I always hear someone talking here simply because I have a very talkative family...we even talk in our sleep!!

Well, anyways, one night, I woke up out of a dead sleep because I heard laughing. I got up to check the house, finding no one awake. I thought that maybe I was just imagining things or maybe it was just one of the voices I always hear. That was until I was on my way back to bed and was stopped dead in my tracks. The laughing I heard was from three young girls standing in the doorway of my room!!! I was so amazed that all I could do was stare. The girls were laughing hysterically! I had guts enough to ask them what they were laughing at and all they did was laugh even more! And then, as to be thinking about what I had just asked them, they stopped laughing and stared for a second, then just disappeared.

I have seen them since then, and occasionally have a conversation with them, and it turns out that that night they were laughing because I had a cold and snored really loud.

Those girls aren't the only ghosts I have socialized with since then. Now I am always being contacted by ghosts....or my I call them. I see them, hear them, talk to them, laugh with them. They are my friends, that only I can see. They are like imaginary friends, because I am like the only one that can see them. Sometimes I think I'm going insane or something because if I try to tell someone they look at me like I have gone mental or something. So I just basically keep them to myself nowdays. The only people that know and believe me are the ones that I am really close to. Those people include my mom, older sister, younger sister, best friend, a male cousin, a female cousin, and one of my aunts. They have had encounters with my spirits so they know they are real. My spirits even give me their names, how they died, and the age they were when they died. Some of them keep almost everything but their first names anonymous.

Well, that is my story. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read it.

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