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My Gift

June 2002

I'm just about thirteen, and ever since I was about 2 years old, I have had some odd experiences. The tales I tell when I was a baby were told to me by my grandparents who were big believers in the unknown and the paranormal. My parents and relatives believe I have what they call an all seeing eye, that sees everything, and basically has somewhat the gift of many of the other senses like ESP, mind-reading, seeing things, hearing things, knowing things, etc., Sorry if its a bit long, but thanks for reading anyways! :)

When I was about 2 years old, my parents said they had to do some shopping, and I was too sick to go outside, so they left me with my grandparents. According to my grandfather, I was laying in my crib then all of a sudden they heard footsteps on the baby monitor - they were a bit frightened thinking a criminal might've entered through the windows. Rushing upstairs, they saw that I was now sitting miraculously on the floor, seeing that I didn't start walking till I was 3. I was still sleeping though. Then somehow, late at night, my parents had visited a musical and left me again with my grandparents. My grandmother had seen me flying in the air, holding onto a cord of an electric fan, as if I was being blown away - yet again, I was sleeping.

Three years after this incident, my parents moved due to my grandparents warning of spirits. So we moved. We moved into a weirder home. Me and my cousin wandered around the new house checking the rooms, the four floors, and then the attic which had some old letters scrunched up and thrown around. One which had one giant word on it: BYE. As in, goodbye. We were too young to understand what it might've meant, but after checking the house another time, we had found some interesting things. In the basement, there was an extra cellar which hid piles of boxes... Somewhat filling the room. Entering the kitchen to grab some food, we saw this man sitting down, he was reading the newspaper, ever- changing his colours.. My cousin at first thought he was my uncle - but then he stared at us, and we saw he was faceless, except for a few scratches/scars he had gashed in his face. But my bathroom, of all places, seemed to have been the scariest, for once I took a bath, and the walls suddenly collapsed on me as the water began to shift its handle towards the wall, and I screamed. My dad came in as I grabbed a towel to cover myself, and found bones in the wall - which probably explains why I always began to shift out of my room, but then run from the bathroom Which probably.

I was about 9 when this incident happened, and I was at my baby sitters with my cousin. Her house was quite old - over 50 years or so I heard. Our baby sitter knows mine and my cousin's taste, and back then, we LOVED mac and cheese. So she cooked it, we scarfed it down, and began to play. Thing is, I finished first, and I shuffled out into the living room and began to draw in the sketchbook my aunt gave me. As soon as I heard footsteps, I thought my cousin had finished eating, and it was time to play a good game of Crazy Eights. But as I looked up, I saw a calloused face with black eyes and a bruised left eye. This boy was about my age, and he wore a formal jean blouse with a pair of jeans... I couldn't stop staring into his dark eyes and the pale powdered skin, so I began to fidget in the chair, closed my eyes, and RAN into the kitchen. My cousin was blank-faced. He said after our babysitter had went upstairs to tend to something, he saw a boy with a black shirt, and the same calloused face and black eyes with bruises that I saw! Too scared to stay in the main level, we jogged up the stairs to the small balcony above the second pair of stairs, and we sat panting. I yelled out a bit fearlessly to finally find the answer, and I asked, "If your really there - make a SIGN!" I really shouldn't have done that. My baby sitter was actually sleeping (not tending to anything!), no one was in the house, and yet I heard footsteps from within the basement. I almost jumped... But what I saw was nothing until I found a pair of very angry eyes looking at me! Since then, I haven't returned to that house.

When my brother was born, there was a cleansing needed to be done in the house. My dad was the favourite of his parents, and my brother the favourite of my relatives. Seemed that I was the black sheep in the family, and I was lucky to be one.

One night, while my brother was only two years old, his hands suddenly got cold, and his breathing went dry, and we thought he was dying, but as we began to pray to my dead grandfather for some help, the cold went away. From what a psychic priest had told me, one of my dead relatives found my brother a good way to transfer his soul into to live again - but this relative was selfish in all ways, and my grandfather had helped out... If you can't guess, I'm pretty freaked out.

Just a few years back (about 3), I was sleeping in my parents room with my brother since my parents were on a business trip, and I found that their room was much more comfortable than ours. But during the night, I saw a pack of unknown shadows race about on the wall because of the dim light from the computer screen. I could hear muttering, but I thought it was my baby brother murmuring - but then I heard angry words and the shadows dissipated. The next day, I went down to the kitchen, while my cousin who watched over us slept. The baby monitor was on both upstairs and downstairs, so I tuned in to see if my brother had woken. But out of the blue, I heard a shuffling of feet upstairs, when only three people were in this house - Me, my brother, and my cousin. I became worried, but then heard the sound of the TV, and the radio mixed in one, but with louder more clearer voices speaking, "Aww.. he's cute, let's take him!" I heard. I was scared, we had no TV in the room where my brother resided YET! No radio either, just an old fashioned alarm clock! But as I reached upstairs, the monitor was unplugged and there was my brother cuddled with his teddy bears, as if they were hiding him.

I've had a few wacky experiences, but I don't want to bore anyone! Thanks for reading! I know it was long!

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