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My Grandad

Vanessa Felkai, NSW, Australia
December 2002

This happened to me in early 1997 only about a month after my Grandad had passed on.

I was 9 at the time, with no paranoia or fear of ghosts like I have now. My Grandad had passed at my Grandma's house in her bed I think (I was not there when he actually passed I was back home in Sydney 100km away).

So I had gone to stay up at my Grandma's house a month after it had happened, I didn't want to stay in the room I normally stay in because I would be alone and felt a bit scared, so I slept in my Grandma's room.

During the night I woke up feeling like someone was sitting on the side of the bed, I was far too scared to open my eyes, so I uneasily tried to fall back to sleep.

In the morning I told my Grandma about it and she had said "oh it was probably just Cobber" (her dog) and I believed her.

Earlier this year (I am 15 and and have taken more of an interest in ghosts) I was spending some time with my Grandma in her new house. I asked her about the night I had felt someone sitting on my bed and asked her who she really thought it was. She said she thought it was Grandad, she just didn't tell me that at the time because she did not want to scare me.

I think Grandad may have followed her to her new house, because when I stayed there in the spare room, when I was making up the bed I felt like someone was watching me from the wardrobe.

Cobber died very recently too (he was very close to grandad and I hope they are together now and happy) and Cobber used to lie on the floor near the bed and wag his tail which thumped on the ground.

During the night staying at my grandma's house after Cobber had died, I could still hear that thumping. I had quietly called out "Cobber?!" and the thumping grew very loud. Just like how he used to respond to his name being called.

Thanks for reading.

Vanessa Felkai, NSW, Australia
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