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My Grandfather (1)

Jarrod, NSW, Australia
August 2002

Hi, my name is Jarrod and I am 16 years of age now. My grandfather passed away in a truck accident a while ago, I'm not sure of my age when this happened, but I was very young.

When my grandfather was in the hospital after the accident my Nan would get me to tape a voice message onto a cassette for my Pop (grandfather) to listen to as I was not allowed in the ward he was in.

Whenever my Nan took the tape in and played it, my Pop would always smile at the sound of my voice, even though he was unconcious.

Time passed and my grandfather passed away.

He now walks the house that my Nan and I live in at night around 11/12 or 1.00am. If you are sitting on the lounge watching television out of the corner of your eye, in the reflection into the hallway of the glass, on the entertainment cabinet you would see something walk past through the hallway.

It doesn't worry me because I know it is him and he is only coming in from finishing his shift to get a glass of water and to go to bed (that is what he would do after every shift).

Almost all of my family has seen him but my two Aunties, Karen and Kylie, when they first stayed in this house all alone one night, would leave the house, lock the door and wait outside for someone to come home, because it frightened them half to death.

Also once I was sitting on the lounge in the house and I was watching television. My Nan was doing her crosswords on the lounge behind me and the dog was laying beside me, all the doors were locked. All of a sudden I heard the back screen door open and then close (my Pop used to work outside on cars). I got up and checked the back screen door and it was still locked.

This is the 3rd and last part of my story but sometimes when the house is really quiet I hear someone speak to me. It doesn't have a distinguishable voice and I get up and ask my Nan if she had said anything to me and she would say "No".

I believe that is my grandfather trying to reach me and I can not understand what he is saying. Maybe I should listen more carefully.

That is my story.

Jarrod, NSW, Australia
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