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My Grandfathers Permission

QLD, Australia
May 2000

In Winter of 1997, my grandfather, my mother's father, passed away from heart disease. For me this was very stressful and upsetting because not many people remain in my family. I should start with a background history.

I have no relatives on my mother's side, due to the fact that they have all been drug addicts and overdosed. My father was very old when I was born and passed away when I was 16. His brother's and sister's have passed away also, my father being the last. In August of 1997, I being the only one in my family to graduate from high school out of nine children, I was preparing for my QCS Test (end of grade 12 exam). Stressing about the pressures and the consequences of this exam, my mother left me alone for a few days in our house so I could studying and relax. While in my room going through papers, I saw this black apparition come from under my cupboard, float up towards the ceiling and out the top of my window. I was looking straight at it, none of this 'out of the corner of my eye' business. I was petrified, to say the least. So I slowly stood up, walked slowly towards my door, than ran down the stairs and out the house. I was quite shaken and ran to the phone booth to ring my mother. Lucky for me that she was coming home that evening. I patiently waited for her outside the house, and when she did come home I couldn't tell her. My mother knew something wasn't right when I started sleeping downstairs.

A week later I finally told her, outside mind you, fearing that if I told her inside that the apparition would hear me. My mother saw how upset I was, so she being a practising Wiccan, did a spell and said a few words to make my room safe. A year passed and I went to University to study Herbal Medicines and Aromatherapy. Even more years pasted and I pushed the experience to the back of my mind. In this last year (1999), I have started to do relaxation classes. This puts you into a state of such relaxation that it opens your mind in a new perspective. In one particular class, when we were all relaxed, we had to ask ourselves a question that we have never been able to answer. But you see, we should be able to answer it, being so in touch with our feelings and emotions. Not thinking about my past experience with the apparition, the question just come to me out of nowhere, "Who was in my room that night in August?" And the answer was, "Your grandfather, making sure that you do become somebody, not a nobody". Ever since then, I feel like a better person. Knowing that my grandfather is looking over me.

QLD, Australia
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