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My Grandma's Story

Katie, NY, USA
March 2002

Hello everyone. I would like to start off by saying that I am an avid believer in ghosts and the paranormal. I myself have never had any "experiences" but my grandmother and her family have had quite a few. In order for me to tell her story, I will need to tell you about her family and the house she lived in.

My grandmother originally lived in an old two-story apartment house. My grandmother, her brother, and her mother (my great-grandfather died when she was a baby) lived in the downstairs apartment. In the upstairs apartment lived her grandmother, aunt and uncle, and her young single uncle. Most of the "activity" occurred in this upstairs apartment.

Now on to the experiences. I will not relate them in any particular order, since my grandmother was very small and does not remember exactly when each one occurred.

So one day everyone was in my grandmother's apartment, including the people from upstairs, except for her grandmother, who was out at work or something. They were all just sitting there talking, when they heard my grandmother's grandmother come home. They heard her walk up the stairs to the upstairs apartment, very slowly, as an older woman would. Then from upstairs they heard a loud thump, as if she had fallen or knocked something over. Well, the adults (my grandmother and her brother were very little) went up to see if she was alright, and there was nobody there! About half an hour later, she came home and said she had never been home earlier.

Unexplained event number two:

This time it happened to only the people upstairs. Everyone was in bed, except for my grandmother's single uncle, who was out. Well, the rest of her family who lived upstairs were lying in bed, when they heard her uncle come home. He ran up the steps, two at a time, as a young man in his twenties would, and the door to the upstairs hallway opened. They knew it was open, because light from the stairs was thrown on their bedroom door. However, they did not hear anymore of my grandmother's uncle. They got up and went to see where he had gone, only to find nobody there. But, what makes this a bit creepier than the last occurrence is that the hallway door was still wide open!

The only thing that ever happened to my grandmother herself, and one of the few things that occurred downstairs, happened one day when it was snowing outside.

My grandmother and her brother were both sick adn staying home from school. Naturally, their mother thought they were playing sick so they could play in the snow. She warned them that if she got home from work (she worked a half-day) and found out that they had gone outside, they would be in very big trouble. Turns out they were really sick, but when my great-grandma got home, she immediately went to their room and started yelling at them. When she had arrived home the hallway of their apartment was covered in snow footprints! Needless to say, they had never been outside that morning.

The only other things my grandma told me about was that the hangers would shift back and forth in the upstairs closets. Apparently, that is what finally drove her family upstairs to the edge and they moved out. They new family moving in did not believe in ghosts and would always blame each other for sleepwalking, because when they woke up in the morning, all the lights in their apartment would be turned on!

Well, that is the end of my grandma's story! Sorry it was a bit long, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Katie, NY, USA
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