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My Grandma (1)

Holly, Jersey, USA
September 2006

I was about 2 or 3 and its weird because this is the only thing I remember from that age and I remember it oh so clearly.

It was a little bit after my grandma had passed. I was inside waiting for my mum to make me lunch and the back door was open to let in the warm summer air. I looked out the back door where it leads to my backyard. I have a deck with a green rocker on it. I saw my grandmother sitting on it rocking back and forth. She was very pale and glowing like a ghostly white but it was beautiful. Her hair looked very black and bright and her lips were a bright red but were very noticeable because that was the only thing in color so it stood out more. She was wearing what looked like a victorian style gown, it went all the way up to her neck and she wore a choker with a bright red rose. The gown was all lace with the most gorgeous design and the bottom was rimmed with the red roses the were so lush so radiant I can't even explain the beauty of the dress.
My grandma also wore a slight heeled shoe with the same red rose on it. The picture was like a black and white except for the exception of her hair, her lips, and the roses. They were such a deep color. I told my mum about this when it happened she was right next to me. I pointed her out to my mum...but the thing was she couldn't see her only I could.
My mum does believe me though because in my family we can see ghosts and and sense when they are around. But I will never forget the image I saw. I don't remember much about my grandma but I know she was a great person, a great wife, and great grandmother, and a great mother. Also and when I saw her she was smiling...she looked happy and I'm glad she is happy and even though I miss her so I will always know that she is watching down on me and my family. And I don't know the purpose of the red roses but it must symbolize something important.
But that wasn't the first time I saw her.
The second time I was in church with my whole family because we had a mass set for her. Also it was All Souls Day. I was about the same age, I was sitting in my mums lap and I looked up at the ceiling of the church. I saw my grandma wearing the same clothes as the first time...but she was floating in the air and there was other spirits floating around too, searching for their families to say an official goodbye, because these were all the people that had recently died. Well anyways getting back to the story. I pointed at her and said "mommy mommy...Grandma!...There's grandma!" Then my mum tried to hush me but I just kept saying it. Then my mum and all of my family looked and saw nothing but then all of a sudden everyone started crying. I had no idea why at the time but my mum told me later on it was because they missed her and that she was there to say her final goodbye before she passed completely.
I will never forget these memories because their all I really have left of my grandmother.
Well I hope you enjoyed my stories and thanks for reading!

Holly, Jersey, USA
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