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My Grandma (2)

Brianna, Montana, USA
February 2009

This isn't really my story, it actually my moms.

Ok it all started after about 10 months after my grandma past away of organ failure. My mom hasn't always been that close to my grandma, they were just plain mother and daughter that sometime get into little fights. Anyway my mom was laying in bed one night when all of a sudden my mom was seeing a light floating down the hall way. Just to let you know the layout of the house, when you come into the front door you're in the kitchen, as you walk about 5 more feet and turn to your left and walk about 5 more feet and you're in the living room. As you are standing there, there's the hall way to all our bedrooms. And my mom's is the last bedroom to your right.

Anyway when we sleep we have to have lights out. So it's pretty much pitch back in our house. So there was mom just laying she wasn't getting any sleep, she was mourning her mother. Then all of a sudden the hallway lights up, and as she looks there's this little ball of light that is floating down our hallway and as it floats, it ends just outside the doorway of my mom's room. She wasn't scared it had felt comforting and she said it was like a little voice came out saying that she was alright and not to worry any more. After that my mom fell asleep very easily. Later that morning my mom told what she seen, I told her when I was sleeping all of a sudden I woke up and I saw a little blue light kind glowing under my door. I thought it was my mom getting something in the living room, so I didn't think much of it and went back to sleep. But when my mom heard the voice it sounded just like my grandma.

Brianna, Montana, USA
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