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My Grandmother (3)

September 2003

I am now 23 years old and I have always had strange encounters with spirits! Most of my relatives and I have an affinity with the "other" world. Throughout my childhood and most of my adult life, I have always felt very protected. This sensation was confirmed a few months ago when my grandmother past away.

My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's disease for quite a few years now. Due to her severe condition she had to be placed in a home. I barely visited my grandmother in her home maybe because I'm too sensitive or egocentric. Needless to say, I felt very guilty when she past away. Alzheimer's disease is very difficult on family members. It is a vicious disease that starts off by eating away the patient's memory and slowly but surely takes control of the whole patient's nervous system. Towards the last stages of the disease, patients usually die of starvation and end up dying in a fetal position.

Now to my story. On a cold November night (I live in Montreal Quebec) we received a call from my grandmother's home. She was in a pitiful condition and after years of suffering her time to go finally came. Within a few hours, we flew in one of my aunt's from France and one of my uncle's from California. Amen to technology!

My mother and her siblings stayed by my grandmother's bedside for about two days working on shifts. I finally had the courage to visit my grandma and ask for her forgiveness for not being a good grandchild. My mother forbid me in seeing her due to her physical appearance. I didn't listen to her.

As I walked in her room, she was lying in a fetal position unable to communicate. She was in a coma. We were told she was able to hear us and feel us. For about an hour or two I lay next to her on her dying bed and spoke to her about old times. About her gentle touches and her kind heart. As I was talking to her, I was gently caressing her legs. keep this in mind.

Around eleven that night, my mother and I went back home. I knew she had a few hours left to live. Around one in the morning my aunt called us to let us know that my grandmother was about to pass away. My parents rushed to her home as I lay in bed praying for my grandma.

Right after her funeral nothing much happened. I didn't feel her presence around me nor did I come in contact with her. But a few weeks later before falling asleep on a Saturday night my mother asked my grandma if she was happy now that she didn't suffer. (this information was revealed to me much later). We often have the habit to "speak" to our relatives that passed away by asking them for a sign demonstrating their happiness.

Ok. So the next morning, I was in my bed debating if I should get up or lay their for a bit longer when I felt someone caressing my legs. I didn't think much of it at first. My bed is placed against the wall and the door to my room is right at the foot of my bed. I usually put my clothes on my bed against the wall near the door. So on that Sunday morning I thought it was my mother coming in my room to find something to wash (she's a neat freak).

When I finally got up I asked my mom if she came in my room that morning and her response was negative. Again, I didn't think much of it. Until it happened again the next morning when I was home alone. Now this time I wondered what was happening. I thought it might be my grandma. The caress was very gentle and loving. I wasn't afraid but being a scientist I wanted to know what was going on. I got up and called my mom at worked to let her know. She told me not to worry about it.

It doesn't stop her. The following night, I had a dream about my grandma. In my dream I was standing in my parent's bedroom looking out the window. My parent's were asleep next to me even though my dream wasn't taking place at night. Outside my parent's window I saw my grandma floating in the air (my parent's bedroom is on the fourth floor of the house). In my dream she was so beautiful and seemed so happy. She was the grandma I remembered before she got sick. She was wearing her favorite blue dress and her hair was nicely done. She was smiling at me. I could see her mouth moving but I couldn't hear her. I told her to wait until I opened the window. As I finally opened it I heard her say " Don't worry my love. I will be watching over you. You WILL be happy and successful. I love you and miss you." That was the last thing I remembered before I woke up.

As I lay in bed in disbelief I spoke to her. Words weren't coming out of my mouth it's as if we were communicating through telepathy. I acknowledged her presence and told her she can make contact with me again. I was in a fetal position and had the wall to my back. I felt her sitting by my side near my hips and felt her hand on my shoulder. I truely felt my bed go in a few inches. She sat there for awhile and then disappeared. For some strange reason as she was sitting next to me, I didn't talk nor did I feel fear. It was quite soothing.

I told my mother about this experience when she finally admitted she had prayed to grandma a few nights ago and maybe it was her telling me (us) that she was in peace now.

After that day. She had fun hiding things away from me and returning them later. The night she passed away I lost my mitten's. I was very upset about it because being a big baby I loved those mitten's. I got a new pair for Christmas. I always made sure I remembered where I placed them whenever I would leave the house. I became paranoid at the thought of misplacing them.

Well... one night I was at one of my friend's apartment for a little get together. I was the last one to arrive. I took off my winter coat and walked towards his bedroom. I put my mitten's, my keys and my cell phone on the bed and placed my winter coat right on top of everything. I had to protect my mitten's. :0)

We spent the majority of the night going from the kitchen to the living room. I never recalled someone going in his room. When the time came for me to leave, I found my coat at its original position with my keys and my cell but only one of my mitten's. I found it to be quite strange since my keys and cell were on top of my mitten's (for extra security! lol) I blamed my friend and asked him to give it back to me since it was about -40C outside. He swore it wasn't him. So I left the house with only one mitten and the other hand resting sadly naked in my pocket. As I was driving home my grandma came to my head and I asked her if she was still around me. The lights in the car went on and off. It could have been a problem with the electrical system in the car due to extreme temperatures but I like to believe it was my grandma.

The following weekend I went back to my friend's apartment. I was watching TV in the living room with his girlfriend while he was in his room going through a box in his closet. A few minutes later he walked into the living room holding my lost mitten. I asked him where he found it and he said that he had to move a blanket that was lying on top of a box he needed in his closet. After he was done with the box he put the blanket back on top of it (he was still holding it all that time) and he ended up with my mitten in his hand. I asked him yet another time if he was the one who took it in the first place and again he said no. I think my grandma had to do something with this incident.

I have more things to say about my grandma and other strange phenomenons but I will keep them for next time. Forgive the length of my story and grammar mistakes as English is not my first language. Yes, I am a french Canadian! :0)

Thank You.

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