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My Grandmothers House

Ashton, Alberta, Canada
January 2006

I would just like to start of explaining that I myself did not have an experiences in the house I am about to explain. I was only around 8 or 9 at the time (I'm not 15), but I still remember some details and some stories.

I always visit my Grandparents in Whitehorse, Yukon during the summer. My Grandmother's old house was a very big house that she said was very haunted with which she believed to be a younger ghost and an older ghost. When we were staying there nothing really happened except for small things, like the phone in the basement going off the hook. When we used to want to pick up the phone to make a call songs would be playing with the keypad on the phone, like "ode to joy" or "Mary had a little lamb" so we'd hang up and have to go downstairs to put the other phone back on the hook. Of course nothing happened when we went into the basement, except for when you were going upstairs. I know we've all had that feeling when you're running upstairs that you have to run for your life. But this feeling was so overwhelming when we used to go up these particular stairs that no one wanted to go into the basement, so they sent little 8 year old me down alone to put the phone on the hook. Of course, it happened several times so I had to do it...several times. Only when you were alone did you feel like you were uncomfortable.

My uncles used to stay in the basement alot with their girlfriends and friends. My Grandma had a cat named Sasha, and she was black (I think she was run over by a truck on the highway and I can't remember her exact appearance). When my Uncle Groovy was staying in the basement he was watching TV and he had the cat on his chest, petting it. The cat was perfectly fine and then all of a sudden it opened it's eyes and looked beyond my uncle, making its own hair puff and digging her claws into his chest. With no doubt he threw the cat and bolted up the stairs.

Another experience happened to my Uncle Steven and his Girlfriend Claudia. They were sleeping in the basement when suddenly out of the blue they heard a loud man's voice, scream, booming through the pipes of the house and through the whole upstairs and basement. No one else was home so my Uncle took the first thing he could, a hockey stick to go and investigate.. Nothing was found but when he came back downstairs the wood burning stove was totally out and the coals were cold.

The reason my Grandmother said that there was a younger spirit accompanying an older spirit was because it seemed like tricks were always played.

When you took a shower, it would rip the shower curtain off the shower bar. Once my Grandmother awoke to all the taps on and the kitchen cupboards and draws opening and closing, along with the lights turning on and off. All she did was say, "You don't pay the bills around here so stop it, but if you want to pay the goddamn bills, please continue" Everything stopped, but the cupboards remained opened along with the draws. Its hard to believe but my Grandma isn't much of a liar about those sort of things.

I used to be friend's with my Mother's friend's son. All of us kid's were laying on a blanket on the floor and watching a movie. All of a sudden my friend stood up and pointed to the doorway that led to the kitchen. He was shaking and he could barley talk, but he managed to say, "Look! man!" and all the adults looked towards him and looked around. They asked him what he was talking about. He kept pointing and saying, "Man! man!" I was so scared I hid under the blanket, hoping it would all end. But then he said, "Man with beard!" He didn't calm down until his mom came and took him out of the house.

Once in a while, the door would open. Just swing open.. and my Grandma would say, "Please shut the door when you come and when you go" and the door would usually shut. Alot of the time we'd have to get up and shut it ourselves, with a few rude words towards the ghost.

It used to do wierd things, like pile all the dishes that were clean into the sink and my grandma would have to explain to it that they were clean and if it wasn't satisfied with the job then it should show her how to do it and do them itself.

I don't think she was very scared. But I hated having to sleep in that huge livingroom all alone when my Great Grandmother was staying with us. Alot of the time I would sneak into my Grandma and Grandpa's bed and sleep with them, but sometimes they'd kick me out.

Well thats my story. I should have remembered more but those are the stories that actually stuck to me.

Ashton, Alberta, Canada
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