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My Green Sweatered, Limping Pop

June 2003

This eerie and quite chilling story I myself was not victim too, yet my own mother was.

My great-grandfather came to live in our home with my family, long before I was born. He only had one leg and my parents took care of him. He would always wear a green and gold or red sweater. Those were his three choices every morning when my mother would dress him (obviously she must have done everything for him).

Well one day unfortunately my great grandfather died and every one was grieved.

Years later my mother was tired and lay down on the couch to take a quick cat nap, when she saw my grandfather limping toward the kitchen wearing his favorite green sweater. My mother then jumped up and said "Oh Pop, sit down and I'll get it" when she realized he had died years before. She swears till this day it happened and I believe her. Wouldn't you?

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