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My Guardian Angel (1)

Nick Johnson, IL, USA
May 2009

My experience happened about five years ago when I was ten. I was asleep in my bedroom next to my parents when I saw a shadow of a man wearing a straw hat on my hallway wall. Now I was only ten so you can understand I was very scared. So I looked up at the shadow and said "what do you want"? At that moment the shadow turned around and walked the other way. Once this happened I got up and walked into my living room and in the corner I saw a Hospital bed that looked like my grandpas before he died. So I ran to my room and went to bed.
When I got up the next morning and told my Mom she told me it was probably my Grandpa watching over me. Now I was very close to my grandpa before he died of cancer four years earlier. I gave some serious thought to this while going to bed the next night. After I fell asleep that night I guess I got thirsty so I got up and walked to the kitchen to get a Pepsi out of the refrigerator. When I bent down to get a soda out of the drawer I heard the door leading to my garage open behind me. I turned around and saw my deceased grandfather standing there looking at me, wearing his old overalls and that same straw hat. I truly believe that he is, and always will be, my own guardian angel.

Nick Johnson, IL, USA
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