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My Guardian Angel (3)

Kirsten Rindom, Denmark
November 2000

Early one morning - two months ago - I was dreaming, that a man was standing beside my bed.
He was a very gentle man with a brown moustache and kind, brown eyes. He was smiling to me, as if he was trying to tell me, that no matter what I?d done or would do in the future, it was all right with him. I would have his approval and consent.

It was a very safe and caring dream, I thought - and very vivid, as if he really was standing in the room. For some reason I knew, he was coming from Britain. He didn?t say anything, but I knew instantly that he didn?t have to. We understood and knew each other by heart. He could read my mind and kept smiling, as if he was trying to convince me, that I didnt have to worry about anything in the future, he would take care of it all. I tried to open my eyes - and you know what:
He was still standing before my eyes - or the picture from the dream was still there. I shut my eyes, because I couldn?t believe, that I saw, what I did - and today I`m still in doubt: Did my guardian angel pay me a visit that day, or was it all a dream? I don?t know, but inside my heart, I finally found peace at heart and mind.

I?m grateful, because I feel, somebody?s watching over me.

I hope, you have a guardian angel, too.

Kirsten Rindom, Denmark
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