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My Guardian Angel (4)

Jeff, Massachusetts, USA
September 1999

This is a true story of my best friend and I.

My best friends mother passed away January 8th of 1990, we were taking a walk after we came back from the hospital... it was late around 2.00am...but she needed to get out of her house..she had 2 small children 6years old and 7 years old...and she was separated from her husband, so we had the 2 kids with us as we were walking.

After 45 minutes or so we were walking near the old Middle School which had been closed for years...and her youngest son Joey saw a white cloud like figure in the sky..and we thought it was fog or mist..something like that. Then the oldest son Jason saw one too...still thinking it was nothing we just walked a little faster.. then I saw one ..keep in mind there are 3 white cloud like figures floating above our heads... well I freaked out and picked up Joey and Brenda Picked up Jason and we started to run, when the 4th one appeared above us... at this time we were all crying and out of breath from running..and scared to death.. we made it up to the main street where the street lights were on ..and they disappeared just as if they were never there

Brenda lived 2 mins from the main street so we walked fast to her house, we didn't sleep much that night and we kinda laughed about what happened. We said oh its "mom" watching over us or something weird like that. We watched TV and it was finally light about 6.00am , and the Top Story was "First Murder in Towns History since 1899". Then they said it it was our town...well lets say our hearts dropped, there was a Boy and Girl form our high school, she was raped and beaten severely and her boyfriend was stabbed to death at the old abandoned Middle school.

I firmly believe that all 4 white cloud figures were our angels, the murders took place around 3.00am, 15 minutes or so after we ran by.

Jeff, Massachusetts, USA
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