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My Haunted Attic

Cheyenne Johnson, IL, USA
December 2009

I have always been skeptic about paranormal and supernatural happenings. But this occurrence I noticed started happening to me when I moved in with my aunt and uncle, and everything that I mention in this story is real! I am not making any of this up!

I used to live with my father in Belleville, Illinois. But then my mother died and my father decided that I would be much better off living with my aunt Terry and Uncle John. My mother was cremated and we put her ashes up in our attic. We also have the ashes of my mother's mother. Anyway, I started noticing strange noises only I heard whenever I went in the bathroom, or if I was in my bedroom by myself. I would hear creeping up in the attic as if someone were walking around up there. I told my aunt what I heard and she told me that it is only my mind messing with my head because of the recent death of my mother. I decided that maybe she was right and it was only my mind playing tricks on me. The next day, strange things stared to happen again. I heard the same weird footsteps upstairs when no one was up there. That was not just the only thing.

One night I invited my friend Emilia for a sleepover. We did what girls would do normally at a sleepover... talk about boys, ghosts and stuff like that. We slept out in the living room. It was about 3:30 in the morning, and we were watching the movie "Urban Legends". We had the lights out and then all of a sudden we feel the room getting colder. Both of us were freezing. Then we heard something shatter in the kitchen. Emilia and I went to explore and see what made the sound. When we got to the kitchen, a broken glass lay on the floor. Then we saw something like fog run into the living room. We were very terrified and we wanted to go to sleep. After that the house was silent.

After that night I started having odd dreams with my mother in each of them. In my dream she was wearing a white dress with blood stains on them. She was lying in the corner, her face against the wall weeping. I slowly approached her and then she quickly twisted her head around and stared at me. Her eyes were bleeding and she looked at me and mouthed the words I missed you. I was so scared. I turned and tried to run, then my mother appeared in front of me blocking my path. In that instant, I woke up and I was sweating. I continued to have these dreams until I turned 11. When I started having these dream I was only 9 years old. When the dreams ended, that wasn't the end of it. To this day I still hear someone in the attic.

Cheyenne Johnson, IL, USA
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