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My Haunted Houses

Brenda Kossaeth, TX, USA
October 2002

My story is quite lengthy ,as I have had alot of things happen to me and my family, so bare with me.

My story started when I was about 10 years old. My dad and the rest of our family built a new house in Shelbyville, IN.

We lived there for about 3 months when it first happened. My sister and I had our own rooms, well when we would go to sleep we would always close the closet doors just to find them open in the morning with no apparent reason, or we would leave one open just to see what would happen and the next morning the one that was open was closed and the other open.

My sister was about 5 at the time and every morning she would come running in my room and jump in bed with me and say the closet was sliding open. Well the next thing that happened in that house was everyone would be in bed and I would hear the knife drawer open and slam shut and the next morning we would go to get breakfast and find a butcher knife on the counter with the blade pointed at the walkway.

When you would walk down the hallway the light would go out when you were in the middle of the hall or it would come on when you least expected it. My dad checked the wiring and he never found anything wrong. We would feel like we were being watched all the time which freaked me out. We moved out of that house to be closer to my sick grandmother. I never thought that a new house could be haunted. Boy was I wrong.

My second experience happened when my grandmother died of cancer. When she was in the hospital I was about 500 miles from her but I saw her sitting on my bed one night and she told me that everything was going to be ok and that she would never leave me and that when I got married and had kids she would be there, then she kissed me goodbye and vanished. After she left I had thing overwhelming sadness and I knew that she was dead and 3 hours later the hospital called and told us she died at the exact time she came to me to say her last goodbye.

My next experience happens everyday now, my husband and two boys (12 & 9) and myself moved into a 1930's farm house. We had been here for about 3 days when my kids started to freak out when we left the bathroom door open when we walked out of it. We could never figure out why, until I went to take a bath and left the door open to listen for the kids. That is when it first happened to me.

The door started to slowly shut and I just sat there and watched it finally shut all the way, needless to say my bath was cut really short. But if no one is in the house at the time it will stay open if you are in there. Well I got use to this and even thank whatever is doing it from time to time. The only time I am scared is when I feel like someone is watching me in the bathroom so I ask it to give me privacy and the feeling goes away.

My husband works nights sometimes and I will be sitting in the living room and get the most horrifying feeling and I don't want to look at the kitchen, but I can't stop myself and I catch a small woman like shadow and then it's gone and I feel better. Sometimes I feel like someone is tucking me in and looking in on my boys then the smell confirms it, I get a whiff of my grandmother's perfume and I just say "thanks grandma" and that I love her and I sleep peacefully that night. I can live with the spirits here they make me feel safe.

Brenda Kossaeth, TX, USA
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