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My Hidden Companion

Neal, AZ, USA
April 2002

My story begins in 1976 while I was in the Navy. I was doing my tour of mess cooking at the Galley in the Long Beach Naval Shipyard while my ship was in drydock. I was assigned as the assistant to the night cook. As rank has its privileges my boss would sleep for several hours in a small office each night while I did the menial chores. For the first week or so of my duty I would think that I saw someone moving around out of the corner of my eye but when I would look directly at the supposed movement, there would be nothing.

My nights got more interesting when I was boiling potatoes in a large vat that was about 3 feet across and about that deep too. These vats came equipped with a lid when opened almost touched the floor and there was absolutely no way that this lid could close by accident. But close it did and clanged loud enough to wake up my boss. He didn't believe my story. This happened a few more time over the next couple of weeks and my boss didn't believe my story until the "walk-in" refrigerator doors started opening by themselves several times a night when we both were working. Things started to disappear when our backs were turned only to reappear a few nights later right where we left them.

After two months of this we both requested to be moved to the day shift. We were told that we had lasted longer than anyone else and our request was granted. The doors continued to open until I went back to my normal duties. I don't know what happened after I left. But I do know that this companion stayed with me for several years quietly reminding me that it was still there by pulling harmless pranks like putting my car keys in the refrigerator, I guess it likes cold places, and so on. I think that it has acted as a protector to me as well giving me a split second's warning when I am in danger.

One day while I was riding my motorcycle home from work I heard a whisper in my ear that said "jump" which I was compelled to do. At that time a car that I had not seen pulled out of a driveway and hit me. If I had not jumped I would have received some serious injuries rather than a case of road rash. The pranks continued until after I got married when my wife got tired of them and yelled at my "companion." I think that it is still hear, just quiet.

Neal, AZ, USA
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