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My House (1)

Pennsylvania, USA
February 1998

Growing up I lived in an old house along a river. Everyone has childhood fears and most children are afraid of the dark, such as myself. I used to have the same reoccurring dream about this man that would be chasing me and my neighbor through the woods behind my house. Sometimes I would wake up screaming, one time so badly I woke up with whiplash because I jumped out of bed so quick. My parents got concerned and took me to dream therapy. They told me that it was my stepfather in my dream (he was abusive). A while later after therapy stopped I didn't have this dream any longer, but I started waking up in the night seeing this blur (I have bad eyesight regardless) in the corner of my room. It scared me half to death, so I started sleeping underneath my blanket. My mother would always yell at me telling me I was going to suffocate. It got to the point at night where I felt like I was always being watched, even as I got older. Several times I had seen this person in the corner of my room, in the same place every time, looking like the person in my dreams...white hair, white t-shirt, blue-jeans, very dirty looking. Anyway, as I got older I stopped seeing this person but other strange things started happening (I was thinking I was crazy).

If I were alone I would always feel like someone was there on the staircase in the living room. When left alone at home by my parents I would leave the back door open because of feeling someone was going to "get" me. It was just a feeling I always had, and I wasn't being paranoid either. At this time period I remember having two friends sleep over. We had panel walls in my bedroom, I am not a scientist but I know wood is not a conductor and electricity cannot flow through it. My friends and I saw electricity (almost like a shock) flow right up the wall? Where did this come from? Now I am older, figuring my father, who still lives there, wouldn't believe this. He is too closed-minded (so I thought), I am 25 now and I know that there is definitely something living in the house besides my father.

I walk into the house and there is just a certain feeling that overwhelms me every time, I can't even describe it in words. My father claims he was sleeping on the sofa one night and he woke up and saw that exact same "blur of a person" standing by the heater. He said he had to blink his eyes thinking he was still sleeping. His television turns on and off by channel though just fuzz.

One day after work (I lived there recently for a few months) I walked in the back door and heard the T.V. on, I said "Hello" loudly (thinking I could scare off this "thing") and the T.V. went off as soon as I stepped into the living room. That freaked me out! My dad always said there was something "wrong" with the T.V....I don't think so. And I know he doesn't think so either. My cat, Tonya, used to run around crazy (most cats do at times) but it would just be her and I and she would at times be so frightened of something that her tail fur would stand straight out and she wouldn't even come near me! I don't tell people this because most wouldn't believe me. I know what went on in the house and I know that eerie feeling I get every time. The oddest thing about the house is, it brings out the total worst in someone. Everyone who has lived there was miserable including the people we bought the house from. All I can come up with is maybe the house was built on Indian burial ground or something since we did live on the river and there used to be Indians around. My neighbor and I used to find arrowheads in dirt we use to dig up in the woods. So, I bet if someone actually investigated the history of the land, there could be reasoning.

I could go on and on about things that happened to me and my father, but I don't have enough space.

And to conclude my true story, I at 25...still sleep underneath my covers.

Pennsylvania, USA
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