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My House (3)

Anonymous, London, UK
February 2011

I have lived in this house for about 6 months now. I moved here late last July with my then 13 month old daughter. To begin with I was perfectly comfortable here and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I have incredibly noisy neighbours though, so maybe they just masked anything that I may have heard!

I think really it's only been since Christmas time that I have noticed anything unusual. Even the things I have noticed may not be anything "something else" has done, but I honestly don't recall doing any of it. One incident was in September. I had my contact lenses in a case on the sofa next to me. My daughter saw them and wanted them but I didn't want to lose them so didn't let her have them but she was working herself up for a heck of a tantrum so I decided to just let her have them but watch her.

I watched her go behind the sofa with them and I watched her come out not 30 seconds later without them. I didn't think much of it figuring I'd pick them up when I tidied up once she went to bed but when she went to bed I couldn't find them anywhere. I pulled the sofa out, looked in all her toy boxes, under and behind sofa etc., etc. but I still haven't seen them since. I KNOW she dropped them behind the sofa, I watched her go behind it with them in her hand and come out without them in less than 30 seconds and I didn't see her with them the whole rest of the day but they just disappeared. Really odd!

After that nothing else happened until around Christmas time. I was sitting on my sofa after putting my daughter to bed when I heard a huge bang from upstairs. I have never heard anything so loud, my neighbours are noisy but I could tell this was from my house. My cat was on my lap and looked upstairs at the sound of this bang (my living room is a big room with the stairs in the middle of it which you can see right up from the side of the room we were sitting in). My cat then proceeded to "watch" something moving on the stairs. I was nudging her a bit and looking at the stairs, where I could see nothing, and was saying "Hey, there's nothing there stop looking at it!" She then watched "it" to the bottom of the stairs and began running around the room chasing something I couldn't see. I was pretty freaked out by that to say the least but calmed myself down saying cats are just crazy.

The next two things happened in the last 10 days. I had a guy come in to fit Sky TV into my bedroom and he had to get behind a chest of drawers in my room so I put everything that was on the drawers on top of some washing in a basket on my bedroom floor. I had a picture of my dog on the top of everything once I had moved it, lying face down. When I went upstairs later to get something from my room, the picture was standing up next to the basket. I mean, I could have done it, but I really don't remember doing it nor can I think why I would do it.

Along a similar thread I was wearing a dressing gown over my PJs the other night downstairs watching TV when I got too hot and left it on the floor while I went to bed. I was laying there unable to sleep for hours with my eyes closed when I turned to face my door and hanging on the hook was my dressing gown. Again, I may have done it and forgotten it but I really can't imagine doing that, I was wide awake when I went upstairs so it's not like I took it up with me half asleep, if I did take it up. Lastly, I quite often feel someone touching my back now when I am downstairs. I'll be sitting on the floor watching TV and will feel a fairly light touch on my back, as if someone is just letting me know they're there. That one strangely doesn't bother me at all, in fact none of it bothers me as such but always gives me a start when it happens!

Anonymous, London, UK
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