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My House (5)

Alisha, QLD, USA
May 2002

Our house is not very old, only about 30 years or so, and we are the only occupants that have ever lived there. My parents purchased it when they first got married. When I was around 9 or 10 (1991) my older sister and I started to notice odd things that happened in our house, just small things but odd nonetheless.

Our stuff would go missing and then turn up in strange places (such as the laundry basket) and we used to hear music from our nintendo games playing while we were downstairs. We told our mother that there was a ghost in the house but naturally she scoffed at us.

During the school holidays my Nana would come over to take care of my sister and I as both our parents worked, this meant that Nana slept in my bed and I slept in the fold out couch downstairs.

One night I was sleeping on the bed when something woke me up. I lay in the dark and then rolled over, we had a coffee table to the side of the couch and I saw a woman sitting on it with her legs crossed and she had no face. Needless to say I screamed rather loudly. My parents came rushing from their bedroom to see what the commotion was about, I told them what I had seen and my mother told me I had been dreaming and I should calm down. This made me a bit cross as I knew I had been wide awake at the time. She stayed with me till I fell back asleep and I didn't wake up till the next morning. I mentioned this to my sister but she didn't really seem to take much notice. How frustrating.

These occurrences seemed to stop for a little while, only happening occasionally, I kind of forgot about them till around 1995 when they started again.

One night my sister and I were sitting in our television room, she was doing some assignment on the computer and I was watching a program. It was winter so the windows were shut, while we were sitting there we both noticed a breeze in the room. At the same time, we both happened to look up and our ceiling fan, which was moving slow but then started going faster till it was on the highest speed. Neither of us had turned it on and the switch on the wall had not moved. My sister got up and switched it on and then switched it off again, it stopped moving after that. This happened again one day when I arrived home from school. My parents were both at work and my sister was at a friends house, I went to call my mother to let her know I had arrived home from school safely when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, I looked up the staircase and saw that the fan again was going at top speed. I slowly walked up the stairs and checked out the switch on the wall. Again it had not been turned on. I had to turn it on then turn it off to make the fan stop moving. This freaked me out a bit so I sat outside till my mother came home, I mentioned it to her but she didn't say anything. This happened a few more times but then just stopped. The strange occurrences didn't stop though, and now my sister and I have both noticed on different occasions that we hear scratching on our walls. It happens in the middle of the night and was so loud that it woke me up, this is a fairly recent occurrance, and I only first heard the scratchings a few months ago. They are pretty loud and last for a couple of minutes. I know its not my imagination, I heard it with my own ears (when my sister first heard them and told me about it I thought she was just getting a bit over excited).

Separately these things might not seem so strange, I guess they could be explained, but when they are put together, I think its a bit more than odd.....

Alisha, QLD, USA
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