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My House (7)

Warilla, NSW
September 1999

It is said that the last person who owned this house had died in the second bedroom. Well ever since I have moved in with my uncle some pretty weird stuff has been happening.

When you have a shower you can hear your name being called out but when you go see who it is there is no-one home. It's not always in the shower it can also be out in the backyard.

My uncle has seen a figure standing, watching him at the end of the hallway. I have also seen the figure standing at my bedroom door. We have wooden floor boards and I have seen the coffee table slide across the room and then the TV turns off by itself.

I have seen my bedroom carpet rise in the middle of the room. You can also see a shadow sometimes on the hallway wall .Anyone who sleeps in the second bedroom always has nightmares. Most of the stuff that happens is either in or near the hallway, sometimes you can hear somebody walking up the hallway but when you look there is no-one there.

Warilla, NSW
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