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My House (8)

Tattiana, Maryland, USA
October 1999

Ialways believed in ghosts, but not as much as I did after the weird things began to happen.

I've lived in my little house in Olney, Maryland for 15 years. Two summers ago when everyone had gone for a vacation in Peru, I was watching TV in my bedroom, when I heard a loud "bang" downstairs. When I went down to investigate, I saw our largest kitchen knife spinning on its knife for 2 seconds, before falling flat on its side. I ran upstairs and called the police. Then two days later, I was again home alone and sleeping when something turned on my light....Then I would get up in the morning, and my toilet seat would be turned up as if a man had been there, which was strange because no one was home.

Although I find all these to be freaky happenings, ghosts do not scare me, but like to apparently play tricks on me. If they don't harm me- it's quite okay.

Tattiana, Maryland, USA
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