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My Inlaw Spirits

Wanda, Louisiana, USA
May 2005

In January of 2003 my husband lost his father by death due to a long illness. My three children, husband and I were living in a trailer park. I must mention first that my father-in-law and I never saw eye to eye on a regular basis. In some form or fashion we were always bumping heads. Anyway the last argument we had when he was in better health was real bad and it got ugly. Later it was never any apologies from either of us, we just kind of went along with the flow for the next four to five months.

The night before dad's funeral I was woken by a noise. I woke up and standing there at the glass bathroom door was my father-in-law. He said "Wanda, I know you and I have our times, you and I are alike in ways. Even though I never have said it, I would like to now. I've always deep down loved you as you were my own, take care of my son." Then he gave me one more look and he disappeared. Well, in April of the same year my husband's mother died due to a massive stroke at the age of 52. Her dying was unexpected and unbelievable. Mom was everything you could want in a mother-in-law. I had it. Two nights before mom's burial she came to my husband in the attire she was to be buried in. See my husband has been and still is labelled as the black sheep, so when all the arrangements for all his close loved ones occurred he had no part in it.

From that night on I would see mom here and there throughout the trailer or I would feel her presence.

In November 2003 believe it or not my husband's brother and wife died in a car accident coming home for the holidays. That took him to almost the end of reality. We moved in January 2004 to a brick home and yes the spirits went with us. It may sound strange but the only one that I feel the most is my mother-in-law. I assume it's like that due to me having been so close to her she was the mom I wished my mother was.

Even now as my family and I continue to deal with our losses each day, one of us makes a mention of this strange feeling or incident that has occurred dealing with our lost loved ones. I've heard from others that when people die that's it and there's no paranormal but I strongly disagree. I've experienced more and still do as I write this.

Wanda, Louisiana, USA
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