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My Interesting Experiences

Lykaios, NC, USA
August 2005

Well, to begin, I have lived in a small trailer for about 6 years with my parents. The forest I live in is part of an old wagon trail when people were moving from the coast to the interior part of the country. Now that bit is done.
I've seen things since I was very young including my grandmother who passed on shortly after I was born, and various animals that "weren't there". A couple of months ago I had been seeing shadows in my room. They usually go from right to left if your facing the wall that they appear on. I would turn and nothing would be there. After a little while I had become used to it. Until one night when I was up late reading poetry, I was supposed to be asleep because it was a school night. I thought I heard my parent's coming down the hall. So I shut off the lights and put my poetry away. Then when no one came I peeked under the door and saw what looked like little cat eyes except they were glowing light blue to white. It took me a few seconds to realise we don't own a cat. I jumped and sat thinking then started crying and laughing at the same time. I had a rough week seeing the shadows and such.
Then I got up and walked out into the hall in search for what I had seen. I didn't find anything and went back to my room and went to bed.

Before that I had started immersing myself in the Occult. Shortly into my studies I had gotten very ill, I could barely stand and was coughing uncontrollably with a horrible headache. It continued for weeks. During that time I had done some meditation so I could relieve some of the pain and relax if only for a bit. Once just before I got better, randomly I started hearing a large amount of voices as I was meditating. It scared me bad enough to knock me out of my "state" which if you know me it's very difficult to scare me let alone enough to make me stop meditating like that. I waited until I could get a hold of my brother (He knows more than me about the paranormal) and asked him if I could've been hallucinating. He said it was possible but with what I had been doing during my studies it could be concluded that the sickness opened up some new "Abilities" for me. Since then I've been hearing voices in and sometimes out of meditation.

I've heard people, predominantly a female, calling my name. I've also had my grandfather haunting me for some time. A couple of times he sat on the edge of my bed and started "petting" my head. I didn't know who it was so I sat up and yelled for it to let me sleep and he left me alone since.

I've also seen a dog that had died on my property following me around. Also when I first started meditating the very first night afterwards I laid down to go to sleep and got choked for a few minutes by some entity that wasn't there when I got mad enough to sit up and catch my breath I yelled at that too and it never showed up again.

Those are some of my experiences, hope you enjoy.

Lykaios, NC, USA
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