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My Lost Sister

Anonymous, Berlin, Germany
October 2015

I live in a normal house in Germany. When I was 3 years old my parents died in a car accident. Luckily my aunt was there for me and raised me. Now I'm 22 and not married. I completely live alone.

One evening I was sitting in my kitchen and watching TV when suddenly my kitchen lamp went on and off. I thought it happened because of the rain. Then I felt a cold breeze and the smell of my mother's perfume. I was shocked because I haven't smelled it in so many years. I totally got scared. So I went in my bedroom and locked my door. About after 10 minutes I heard my father's voice calling my name. I thought it was just because I haven't seen them in so many years and that I just missed them.

But right after that I saw a light blue figure in front of me and staring at me with wide opened eyes. I wanted to scream but I was just too scared. The figure was a lady who looked exactly like me.

The figure moved closer and closer and then when no one was expecting it she hugged me and then disappeared. Right after that I faded. When I woke up it was 5 in the morning. I called my aunt to come over to my place because I was just so scared to be alone.

When she finally came I told her my story. She said that she was keeping a story from me my entire life but I'm old enough to hear it now. She told me when I was born I had a twin sister who was 3 minutes older than me and died right after I was born. She also told that my mother had a deathly disease(I can't remember the name of the disease). My sister was alive only 3 minutes and died after I was born, but I don't know why she came to me now.

The next day we went to the graveyard. She showed me where the grave of my sister was. On the way there I bought a red rose and then I put it on the grave of my sister. I was angry at my aunt for not telling me that story.

But still why did my sister look like me. I mean she was a baby when she died. She should look like a newborn baby. Right now I live in a new town with my boyfriend. But sadly before I moved, my aunt had a stroke and died. The only person close to me now is my boyfriend so I'm actually all alone. But I'm still happy that my aunt had the courage to tell me the truth.

Anonymous, Berlin, Germany
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