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My Many Encounters

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
December 2011

From an early age I have know there were others. I dont know how or why but I know it to be true as I have seen it.

In the early eighties my parents and I lived in a two story house, my bedroom was at the top of the stairs. Around aged 8 I was woken up by a strange feeling. When I sat up in bed and looked down the stairs, there was a man standing there. He was dressed in early 20th century dress. Smart suit, hat etc looked liked a wealthy man. I was scared somewhat but knew it was okay as I could see straight through him. Strange but I went back to sleep. In the morning I told my parents of this man and my father said that he had seen him also. My father later found out the area we lived was formally a rubbish dump and a likely dumping ground for bodies. He never hurt anyone, this sharp dressed friend of ours, but he did like to hide things and return them at his leisure.

In my teens we lived in another house. I did not like this house. Ever. Not in 10yrs did I feel comfortable in that house. I hated it. I never actually saw anything but I could feel it. Night and day it felt like the house was shrouded in a heavy cloak of unhappiness. I told my parents and again my father had felt the same. My mother had the Pastor of her church come and do a house blessing. Nothing changed for me. I could still feel it there. Even now thinking about it, this house, I feel sick. It was a very hard time. I developed insomnia. All while doing my HSC. The day we moved out of that house was an enormous relief. That first night out of that house I slept like I hadn't in literally 10 yrs. Dont know what exactly it was but I do know it was unhappy and somewhat evil.

In my 20s I lived in a house with my baby daughter. 3 bedrooms all in a row at the back of the house. The last bed room next to the bathroom was always cold. Now where I come from its never cold in summer. Well this room was like ice. After realising there was someone else living with me I addressed them in a loud confident voice, "Who ever you are, I know you are here. If you hurt me or my baby I will have you taken away. We can live together peacefully, I understand if you are stuck".

After I said this I felt a wave of calm and knew that it was going to be ok. So I named this cheeky spirit "Charlie". Charlie woud take stuff and put it somewhere really strange, think house keys in the fridge, it also liked to shut the cold bedroom door as someone walked past to go to the bathroom. I have seen grown men turn white as a sheet and refuse to go back to use my toilet. I thought it was funny, they didnt.

Recently, a few weeks ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night to see a figure standing at the end of my bed. It was dark and shapeless. At first I thought it was my Nana who has recently passed but it wasn't. A dear friend of mine passed a few years ago. Before he passed he made a CD for my baby daughter, it had only one song on it. Little did he know this was also my song. As I said "Nana??" I felt a wave of calm and heard a "No" then all of a sudden my head filled up with that exact song. That was cool. I am honoured to be able to know my loved ones are still there.

I dont voluntarily go to known paranormal haunts, that scares me. So believe it or not.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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