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My Mother

April 2003

First let me say that this story is true and it happened to me, my little Sister, my boyfriend (husband now) and my Dad.

My Mom was sick ever since I was about 7 or 8 years old. She had a very bad heart problem and as the years went by she got worse and worse. When I was 14 years old she was visited by a nurse daily and she we had to rent a hospital bed for her as well as oxygen machine.

Since my little Sister and I did nothing but go to school and take care of her (my Dad was at work 24/7 since we had no health insurance) my Dad decided that he would let us get a dog from the pound.

Well, we got this little Chihuahua, cute little thing, and my Mom was so sick of being sick that she hated that dog and everything else. She was bedridden and we literally had to do everything for her so we all understood.

Well, since we had no health insurance and she needed a heart and liver transplant the hospital basically did not care what happened to her and when I was 15 years old she died at home in her room before the ambulance got there. Well, it was about 3 weeks after the funeral and things were starting to go back to normal (as much as they could) and it was summer time so I was cleaning up the apt. And I noticed my Mother's beautiful fruit bowl that she always kept on the table. She had bought it many, many years ago on her last trip to Mexico. Anyway, since she was gone I decided that I was going to clean it and put it on top of the refrigerator way in the back as to make sure that it did not get broken. I made sure to put it way in the back and I even put things in the front of it just to make sure that it wasn't dropped.

About a week went by and I had completely forgotten about it and we (my Sister, Dad and my boyfriend) were all sitting in the living room watching TV one night, when all of a sudden we heard this big crash from the kitchen. Now the way my apt. was situated was like this:
You walk in and immediately is the living room. To your right is the small dining room and kitchen and to you left is the hallway, one bathroom is immediately to you left then down the hallway is a bedroom on the right (me and my Sister's) and then at the end of the hallway was the master bedroom with another bathroom. We ran in the kitchen and turned on the lights and found the bowl in pieces in front of the refrigerator.

No one but us 4 were home and the loaf of bread and papers that I had put in front of the bowl were still where I had put them. Someone had to have picked up the bowl and dropped it. The only person we could think of was my Mother. We all didn't say anything, we were pretty shocked. My boyfriend immediately went home and ever since that night my Dad slept in the living room couch instead of their bedroom.

Soon after that my Sister and I would be home and she would be in our room playing or listening to the radio when all of a sudden I would see shadows in the hallway and on many occasions everyone in our house witnessed how our dog would walk down the hallway to our room and half way there he would be knocked into the wall, like someone had kicked it. He would whimper and run to our room and hide under the bed. It even got to the point where he would refuse to come out of our room and we had to pick him up and take him outside.

We only lived there 2 months after she died and we just couldn't take it anymore, we broke our lease and left and then things were still the same in the next apartment we rented.

Nothing really scary has happened to us until later when my sister and I had a great idea and bought a Ouija board to try to contact our Mom but that's another story.

Anyway, I hope you liked it and to this day we don't understand how that bowl got broken.

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