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My Mother's Restaurant

Evamine, VIC, Australia
February 2005

My mother owns a restraunt in which I occasionally work at and have had strange experiences.
The old hospital had only recently been restored to a family restraunt and had been neglected for the last ten years. The owner before us found no use for it, although it was the local hospital in a town called Belgrave for many centuries. This is one of the incidents which have occured.

One night as I was preparing drinks for the customers I could swear that I heard a voice coming from the cellar. I walked down the stairs and entered the cellar but I saw nothing. As I turned my back to walk the other way I heard a loud and distinctive cry. At first I thought that it may have been a little girl, which had gotten lost in the back area of the restraunt, but there was no one there. My shift had finished and I still had not forgotten about the things that I heard, I went to get my bag as I heard two people having a discussion about the dead and praying. As I walked past the cellar I glimpsed through the doorway and saw a young girl praying at the foot of a priest. I ran straight to my car and sat there trying to come to terms with what I just witnessed. Could the young girls parents have died, which may explain the cries and sobs which I heard?

Evamine, VIC, Australia
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