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My Mother's Spirit

Anonymous, Ontario, Canada
November 2012

Waiting for my mother to make her finial trip to heaven; I lay asleep within the Palliative Care Unit of Scarborough General Hospital. A day filled with emotional trauma; gathered around fifteen members of my closet family, along with a doctor and social worker I was faced to sign a do not resuscitate (DNR) order. With support and guidance from family, the order was signed leading to a waiting game as the end drew near.

Occasionally she would wake to gasp for breath only to be sedated again until her final wake would be he last

An hour into the early morning of August 13th 1998 I was awakened by a family member and was told she was passing. I rushed into her room and in some sick twisted way I needed to see her death; I was shocked by what I saw! Entering the room I saw her body go still and what looked to be her soul rising from her body!!! I immediately thought I was seeing things and closed my eyes. After the third time of closing my eyes and shaking my head I only saw the shell of a body as she had passed.

Not fulling understanding nor caring at that moment; I passed it off well our family supported each other in time of crisis. As the years passed with the pain and anguish slowly fading with the loss of someone you love only to be replaced with unbearable heartache of missing them becomes present. My thoughts fell to the day of her passing with the secret I kept during that terrible time until my aunt made the startling revelation without provocation she witnessed the exact same events of her sister, my mother's death. Is there life after death with a heaven, are there angels and sprit guides? I will never know until my passing, but I know what I had seen with the passing of my mother!

Anonymous, Ontario, Canada
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