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My Mother Still Watches Us

Heather, NY, USA
September 2002

My mother passed away when I was 16 but she still continues to watch over my sisters and I 10 years later.

Hear are three stories about her visits that let me know she is still watching us. I'll try to keep them short:

The first happened within a few weeks after her death. I had moved in with a friend and was asleep one night when I heard my mom calling my name from the bottom of the stairs. It went away after a few times of her calling me. I was so scared. I thought I was losing my mind, I told nobody of this.

A few nights later a few friends and I were playing around with a Ouija board and I thought it was my friends just goofing around till it asked Heather why didn't you answer your mom?. I still acted like I didn't know what the spirit was talking about. But it kept asking and said you know what I am talking about. My friends kept asking it questions but I kept quiet at first.

I know my friends knew nothing of what happened a few nights earlier because I had told nobody.

The next thing to happen was a few years later I lived with an old boyfriend and we were fighting pretty badly, he walked into the bedroom and a lamp flew across the bedroom at him. Nobody else was in the room. Later that night I was having an asthma attack, suddenly I smelled my mothers shampoo (us girls always played with moms hair). The smell only lasted a couple seconds but after it was gone so was my asthma attack.

The next time my mom visited was just last month. When she passed I kept her engagement ring to my father as she had always promised it to me. Two years ago I had to take off all my rings because of a rash I had on my hand and my rings irritated it. I put them in a candle holder in my kitchen. A couple of days later I went to put them on to find out someone had stolen them. I was devastated. Even though I knew they were gone, I still searched my house along with my one sister. I am positive they were nowhere in the house.

Here comes the strange part.

Two years later and two moves later, my youngest sister and father came from Florida for a visit. We decided to bring flowers to the place where we spread my mothers ashes. It was about time as it had been ten years since anyone had been there. While we were there my father asked if I still had her rings and I told him what happened. A few days later I was searching my jewelry box for a backing to an earring for my daughter when I pulled out a silver chain I didn't realize I had. Then I saw what was at the end of it.! My mothers engagement ring!! The chain, I realized within a few seconds, was the one I put on her for her wake.

I am absolutely certain this wasn't in my jewelry box a week prior to our visit to my mom. I had gone though everything and given almost all my jewelry to my youngest sister. I had only kept a few pieces of my favorites.

My sister also swears it wasn't in there either. I wonder if my mom heard me talking to my dad about the ring and found it for me?, or if maybe she had taken the ring herself because of being upset with our family for not making a visit sooner than ten years?. I do know nobody in our family doubts that it was my mom that returned the ring to us along with the necklace we put on her.

I think it was her way of letting us know she still watches over us.

Heather, NY, USA
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