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My Mothers Haunted Doll

May, Nevada, USA
March 1998

When I was about 12, my mother took a class on making porcelain dolls. She made the prettiest one, white skin, curly hair (like Shirley Temple), and beautiful brown eyes. After my mother brought that wretch into my house, I knew that it was bad. One night my brother and I were sitting in the living room (where the doll was placed) watching t.v. We heard some weird noise, and we looked over to where to doll was placed, and she had done a complete 180 on her stand. She was staring directly at us. Her eyes had turned to a deep black, looking as though her eyes had been gouged out. I screamed. My brother ran over to the doll, grabbed her as fast as he could, and threw her in the hall closet. That was not the end of our terror that night. She decided to come taunt us again with her antics. She somehow had gotten out of the closet (without the stand, and note: no one else was home). We heard that same sound, and looked into the hall where it came from and saw her standing there without her stand with the same black gouged out eyes. I started crying so hard that my vision blurred. My brother started saying "Holy Sh*t!" over and over again. I walked up to her with a blanket and threw it over her to cover her up and take her away. When my mother returned that night we told her what had happened. Of course, she didn't believe us. So we decided to show her. I went and got the doll out of her hiding place (luckily she was still there!!), and placed her in the closet, stand and all. And waited and watching t.v. All three of us heard that same eerie sound, and turned around to face the closet. My mother started to run towards her, and I screamed "NO!" and grabbed my mother's arm. That was the last time I saw that wretch. We took her out and broke her and burned her until there was nothing left.

May, Nevada, USA
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