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My Mothers Story

December 2001

Growing up, my mother always told me stories about when she was a little girl living on the farm. I would like to tell you about her experiences there.

My mother (her name was Lily) lived in an old farm house in north Oregon. The farm house was located far from any other neighbours. She lived with her older brother and sister, and her younger sister. Since there were not enough rooms for them, her two sisters shared the bigger bedroom downstairs, her brother in a room down the hall and she slept in the attic.

The first strange event that happened in that house was when my mother was about 10 years old. She was staying home sick with her brother. He had gone downstairs to the kitchen when my mother heard a voice calling her name from the bottom of the stairs. The voice was female but that was impossible since the only other person in the house was her brother. That was followed by footsteps coming up the stairs to the attic. This could certainly not be her brother because the person seemed to be wearing high heeled shoes. A few hours later her brother came up to see how she was doing. She asked him who the girl on the stairs was. He said there was no one in the house.

A few weeks later the second event happened. My grandmother was cooking supper in the kitchen with her back towards the table. She turned around and two of the chairs were pulled out. She pushed them in and went back to cooking. About ten minutes later she turned around and three of the chairs were pulled out. This kept on until all six of the chairs were pulled out. My grandmother was quite frightened by this because only my little sister was home at the time and she was only 6 months and couldn't walk yet.

The next few years were full of things like that. Objects disappearing and then re-appearing a few days later. Soon the family got quite annoyed of this and started demanding their stuff back. The strange part about this was that it went in order first my grandmother, my grandfather, her older brother, her older sister, my mother, and her younger sister.

The last event at the house was the worst and the one that made them move away.

Her older sister was baby-sitting her younger one (their names are Josie and Sarah)when there was a knock on the door.Josie went to answer it and no one was there. She went to the kitchen for some water and when she went back to the living room Sarah was gone! She ran all over the house and finally found Sarah sleeping in her bed. This was impossible because Sarah couldn't climb the stairs without help because they were very steep. This frightened her so she woke up Sarah and took her downstairs. Then the phone rang. It was my grandma calling to say that my grandfather had died and she wouldn't be coming home that night. She was about to turn on the TV when she heard a woman's footsteps coming towards her. She turned around but nobody was there. Then she heard a frail voice call out "Josie!" but nobody was there.

Josie was quite afraid and was about to leave when she heard Sarah say"Josie, Krista's here." Josie and Sarah stayed the night at the neighbour's house and in the morning Josie asked my grandma who Krista was. My grandmother was very alarmed but answered,"Krista was my sister, she died thirty years ago from cancer inside this house."

None of us has been there since.

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