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My Nana

Deanna, Georgia, USA
April 2001

Well I'm almost 15 and about two years ago, about one week before my birthday my Nana was put in the hospital. She had stopped breathing & was only breathing by a machine most of the time.

When my parents were there & just about the whole family were there I wasn't because I was outside in the hall of the hospital crying like I did pretty much non-stop for about a week & a half.

When no one was in there I'd ge in there & beg her to please fight for me because I needed her, I needed her to be there for my birthday like she'd always been there before laughing & smiling right along with me.

Finally 4 days before my birthday I was the only one in there with her & she was kinda in a coma for the whole time she was in there. But That day I was talking to her I told her that I knew she was fighting for me but I told her that I knew she was in alot of pain & I wanted her to be in peace, so if she let go I'd understand because I'd always love her. I told her I loved her & then I left.

The next day I returned to school & when I got home the preacher & my mom were on the front porch. (when I got there I didn't know that my Nana had passed away) but the preacher told me he was sorry about my grandmother & he knew it was hard for me. I had tears in my eyes because I knew she was gone. At her burial I had to leave early because I was crying so hard. But a few months later I was still trying to get used to the fact that she was gone because it just didn't seam real. I was in my living room siting in my Nana's favourite chair (in which we still own) but I was home by myself & my Nana would always wear this pink nightgown all the time & out of the corner of my eye i saw something pink go by the doorway. I didn't really think anything of it but when I got up to go look the pink night gown that my Nana wore was on the floor in the kitchen.

My Nana always drank instant coffee, the kind you had to boil the water on the stove, but the strange thing is was on the stove was my Nana's coffee pot with water in it & "her" cup sitting on the counter. But I never heard the water turn on once & I knew I didn't put it there.

Every so often I'll see my Nana's chair rocking or late at night the T.V. will be on, or the coffee pot will be out. So now I know that my Nana is still here, watching over me. And I'll always love her.

Deanna, Georgia, USA
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