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My Neighborhood

Iowa, USA
June 2009

I'm not exactly sure this would count but throughout my 4th grade year and again now ending my 7th grade year I felt like I was being watched. In fourth grade out of the corner of my eye I would see dark shapes of what I can only describe as people I guess. At night I was afraid to fall asleep considering the weird noises downstairs. Also I started being depressed. I hated myself entirely. I wanted to die, I thought about death, I even accidently let the whole grade know I was suicidal just by my behavior. I had to get a therapist. One night I woke up and for a brief second I thought I saw something. I've always believed in the supernatural so now that I'm older I think it could have just been my 9-year-old imagination.

After 4th grade the summer was short and I stopped noticing all the weirdness and I think it was because I was focusing more on my homework because even when I did it, it would just disappear and I would get in so much trouble I focused more on that. I'm not implying that a ghost stole my homework because that's just crazy even for me. Around that year my parents started fighting and no longer sleep in the same room. The peace in my house was disrupted until I started 6th grade. My parents stopped fighting, but still sleep in separate rooms. Even though the peace between my parents went back to normal disputes arose between me and my mom. I was only 11 and I fought with my mom like a teenager. My maturity level has always been high for my age but not like this. I was having the weirdest feelings at home, school, and just about everywhere really that I was being watched again and that someone was listening to my thoughts in my head. That still continues today. I still had suicide thoughts in 5th grade because of my homework and things got better in 6th grade. My therapist told me I have ADD. It's sort of like ADHD only not hyper. So I started taking a pill and it made me better in school but ADD didn't give a reason for depression.

Again, I'm not implying a ghost made me depressed but it has happened before. Now that I'm a 7th grader I'm noticing a lot of the same weirdness I noticed when I was in 4th grade. At 4th grade I had the maturity of a 12 year old. Now I have the maturity of a 15 year old.

So I don't think I can call it "my imagination" anymore. But now unlike 4th grade I'm too scared to sleep in my own room. When my uncle died and mom left (I still sleep in my mom's room when I'm scared. Don't judge me. I had a 23 year old camp counselor who does the same thing) to help out I had a nightmare. It was unlike any nightmare I've had before. I can't remember it except for the emotions I felt. Total and utter fear. Since my mom wasn't home and my dad sleeps in the basement (guest room) I went to sleep in my brother's room. He was asleep the entire time I was in his room in a very uncomfortable position but I didn't care. I felt safer there than I did in my own room. When I went to the funeral I slept in one of my grandma's million guest rooms with my cousin. When I was trying to fall asleep (she was already asleep) I heard her breathing near me and I swear it sounded like that kind of demonic breathing you hear in movies and TV shows. It freaked me out. A few weeks ago I was half asleep and kept waking up. When I was half asleep (I actually thought it was a dream) something told me to move my trash can towards my bed just to see if it could tell me what to do. Then I fell back asleep. Then I woke up again half asleep and I saw a cloaked figure standing next to my door (which I hope was part of my being half asleep or just a dream because it was freaking terrifying!). It wanted me to open my door. I was heading to my door when I saw it. It was cloaked, suspended off the ground; it looked like one of those freaking weird things in Harry Potter 3. But then supernatural logic came into my half subconscious that if it wanted me to open my door it wanted to get out and it couldn't open the door. So I didn't open the door and went back to sleep and never woke up until morning. It seems completely unrealistic I know, but the first thing I thought when I woke up was "That was hell of a dream". I didn't event believe I was half awake. But then as I got out of bed I saw my trash can next to my bed. Another morning I don't know how long ago but it was a while ago I woke up and my door was a third of the way open. I ALWAYS keep my door shut when I go to bed. Something creepier at night coming out of the shower I notice scratches and bruises I don't remember getting. The school year is coming to an end and I hope these weird occurrences end as I enter 8th grade in the fall. They've been happening since 2006 to now in 2009. I even hang a blessed rosary next to my window. But like I said in the beginning it could be nothing.

Iowa, USA
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