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My Nephews Monsters

Mel, New South Wales, Australia
April 2007

My nephew, Kody, is a bright, happy little boy of 7 years. He was born into a highly "sensitive" family, so his talents in this regard were not a surprise. It was no surprise that my son (who passed away at birth) was a regular visitor to my nephew, as Kody and I became very close at this time, and remain so to this day.
Often (as my sister lived close to me and my brother lodged in my house with me) I would have all three kids with me (my two nephews, Kody and Hayden (my brothers son), and toddler niece Ivy-Rose) at my house, for company, as I was often alone.
Upon bedtime, the kids were always good, no hassle at all, but Kody would be up and down all night with the same complaint - that there was monsters in the room trying to scare him, and trying to hurt his sleeping cousin. I never really thought too much of this, not entirely putting it down to a child's imagination (as I had had too many experiences myself to simply disregard his words), but I didn't really know how to deal with it. So, to make him feel better, I would remind him that "Auntie Mel lived here and was scarier than any monster, so they had better go away and let him sleep". He would go back to his room and I would frequently hear him repeating my words, then he would wait, as if listening. After a while, he would come back out to tell me that the "monsters" were still there and that they didn't care if I was scarier or not! This is easy to dismiss, I know, but the ritual was the same. Neither of the other kids seemed to be disturbed by these "monsters" (although, now that I think about it, it was hard to get Hayden settled and he wouldn't sleep in that room unless his father or his cousin was in there with him) and what Kody would say to me was always the same. Never did it differ.

A few times I went into the room to "tell the monsters off", and it seemed to work. Recently, I have moved, so I don't get to see the kids as often as I used to, but on a rare visit only the other day, Kody came to me and told me he could see an "alien-monster with big claws" (his exact words) under my chair, trying to scratch my feet. I reminded him that I was Auntie Mel and it would be hard to get the better of me, but Kody wasn't convinced. He bent down to look under my chair and repeated my words, only to jump away suddenly, a look of pure fear upon his little face. At the exact same time, we (there was a roomful of people at the time) all heard a faint low growl, then I felt an immense pain in the back of my heel, right on the tendon. I jumped up, and when I checked my foot, I had a series of scratches on the back of my leg that looked as if it had been made by a set of claws.
Although it hurt like all heck and we were all kind of put out, none of us really freaked, as we are all spiritually inclined and used to odd happenings. It was then, however, that my sister told me what had happened the night before.

It seemed that Kody, usually a very calm and collected little boy, had seen a large, green hand, complete with claws, coming for him from under his bunk bed (he sleeps on the top bunk). For the first time in his short, 7 year history, he ran to his mothers bed and slept with her and her fiance. That same night, his little sister, Ivy-Rose, still in a cot, began to scream as if someone (or something) was attacking her. When my sister investigated, my niece had scratches and welts upon her that could not be explained. My sister and her family live in the suburbs, and directly across the road from her house is an old farmhouse, with the modern houses and roads built around it. Just about everyone who comes into her house has felt "something", but never has anyone felt anything "evil" or "hurtful", until now. Whatever has decided to manifest in her home is from the farmhouse across the road, I'm certain of it. I do have many more experiences that I would like to share, but this one is long enough for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Mel, New South Wales, Australia
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