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My New Friend

Becky, FL, USA
May 2005

Hello. My name is Becky. Before I start telling you my story, I would like to tell you a little about myself and where I'm from.

I am 19 years old and I currently live in Florida as of March 15th, 2001. Before We moved down here, I had never lived anywhere else besides the state of Michigan. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers on my moms side of the family and 2 sisters and 1 brother on my dads side of the family. I am the oldest of all of them. Anyways, I was three years old at the time so for obvious reasons I don't remember anything that happened, however, my mom has told me all about it. Anyway, On to the story?? Ok, here goes...

In late 1989 and early 1990, we had moved to a little town called Cadillac in Michigan. When we first moved into our new home, everything was fine and dandy. It was a cozy little place. Very homely. The weird thing is, is my baby brother had a crib upstairs in my mom and dads room and he also had a bassinet down in the livingroom. For some reason, when they laid him in his crib upstairs, he scream bloody murder. There was nothing they could do to get him to sleep in his crib. But if they put him in the bassinet, he'd go right to sleep. No crying or fussing, no nothing. I know, I know, you're thinking...just a spoiled baby is all. But he was only a month or month and a half old. He was too young to be spoiled.

Well, One day while we were at the store, my mom let me pick out a piece of candy that I wanted. I asked her, "Can I get a piece for my new friend too?" Knowing that I haven't had a chance to meet anyone, she thought it was just my way of getting more. She told me "No honey pick out a piece so mommy can pay for it." So I picked out a piece and then she checked out and we headed home. when We got home, mom went to put the stuff away and I went up to my room to play.

Every time we went to a store after that, whenever my mom would get me something, I asked if she would get one for my friend too. She started thinking I had an imaginary friend or something so she started asking me questions. She asked, "where did you meet your friend?" and I told her, "In my room." then she asked, "well where does she sleep?" and I answered, "at the other end of my bed." then she asked, "whats her name?" and I told her, "hes not a girl!" she corrected herself, "whats HIS name?" and I answered, "I don't know, he wont tell me."

That night when it was my bedtime, I wouldn't sleep in my bed. I would scream and cry. Mom asked me why I was screaming and crying. I told her, "I'm scared." She asked, "why?" I told her "because my friend is mad at me. He don't want me to sleep in here." She asked why he was mad at me and I told her "Because I got stuff and didn't bring him anything."

So mom didn't make me sleep in my bedroom. I basically got to choose where I wanted to sleep. I wouldn't sleep with mom and dad, not even between them. I wouldn't sleep on the floor next to the bed. I wouldn't even sleep in the livingroom downstairs. I slept in mom and dads closet with the door shut because I felt like I was hiding from him there. He couldn't find me (is out I looked at it). Each night, that's where I slept.

A few nights later, My mom, dad, and grandma were downstairs in the livingroom playing UNO (they played UNO all the time). I was upstairs sleeping and my baby brother was sleeping in the bassinet in the livingroom by mom, dad, and grandma. All of a sudden they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They looked up and it was me. I was walking down the stairs, looking straight ahead. I wasn't holding onto the railing which normally I did. I couldn't walk down the stairs unless I was holding onto something. I got to the bottom of the stairs and walked straight over to mom, dad, and grandma. I stopped right in front of them (still looking straight ahead). Then, with an evil look on my face, I looked straight down at mom, held her gaze for a minute, looked back forward, then turned around and headed back to the stairs. Mom said she got creeped out by it. She said she looked at dad and then at grandma. When she looked back up?? I was gone. She said there was no way I could have gotten back up those stairs THAT fast. She then decided to go check on me. She got up and went up there stairs to hers and dads room. Opened up the closet door and there I laid in the exact weird position I had been in when she checked on me just a little while before I (well who she thought was me) had come downstairs. She then realized that was NOT me. She went back downstairs and told dad and grandma. They too were a little freaked by that.

The next day, we went to the Grocery store. When we got back home, mom noticed the basement light was on. So she went over there, opened the door, and shut it off, then closed the door. A little while later, she noticed it was back on. So she went over there and shut it off again. For the rest of that night and the next day she was constantly shutting the basement light off. She starting getting angry with dad because he was the ONLY one who ever went into the basement. So who else would turn it on, Right?

Finally she told dad that night that he needed to start turning the basement light off when he came back up. He said, "I haven't been down there all day." She said, "well someone keeps turning that light on because I have been turning it off all day today." He said, "Well it hasn't been me because I haven't been down there." then she said, "well watch, that light will be back on again." so they sat there watching it. NOTHING happened. Then they started playing UNO. They kept glancing over but the light was still off. Well they ended up getting into the game and forgot all about the light. A while later, mom remembered the light and looked over, Sure enough it was on. She said, "See!! see!!, I told you that it kept coming back on." Dad then through his feet up onto the couch and started freaking out.

He had never believed in ghosts till that day. Now he does.

The next morning, they packed up all of our belongings. As dad loaded the last of the stuff in the vehicle, mom went over to talk to the land lady. Mom told the land lady about all the stuff that had happened in that house. The land lady then told mom what had happened.

A little boy, about 5 or 6 years old, his mom, and dad used to live in that house. well, the little boy was trying to turn on the basement light. Even for an adult to reach it, they had to step down a couple of stairs. Well, the little boy lost his balance and fell down the cemented stairs. He died from head injury. And it just so happened that "MY" room was his before he died.

Anyways, we moved back to Benton Harbor and stayed with my grandma and grandpa until mom and dad could afford to get another place. And well, as far as I know, we haven't lived in another haunted house since. THANK GOD!!!

Becky, FL, USA
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