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My New House (2)

Frances, NSW, Australia
November 2012

A few years ago I was looking for a new house to move to. I had seen a pretty little cottage advertised online, but when I tried to find it again I could not. Then a month later it was listed again. So I insepcted, applied for a lease and was successful. I felt this house had wanted me to live in it.

Since we have been there some strange yet not frightening experiences have happened. The stained glass window in the bathroom was painted shut, I was disappointed as I prefer fresh air. I tried to crack the paint around the edge to loosen it, but had no luck. The next day when I entered the bathroom the window was wide open. No-one admitted to opening it. When a big wind came up houses all up and down the street had fallen branches, damage and leaves everywhere, a tree even fell in the next yard overcausing some severe damage to the neighbours house, but our yard looked like it had just been mowed and raked.

Every time I do some gardening or make small repairs to the house a week or so later a rose is found near the front door. The garden is full of old roses, and someone once cared for them very carefully, but the really weird thing is the rose is not from our garden. And no neighbours have confessed to doing this. Our pets have all blossomed since we moved in. My cat that had skin problems is now clear and clean. There are lots of other little strange things too.

I believe this house wanted us to live in it, and as long as we treat it with respect, we will be happy and protected in this house. It is over 100 years old, and I would love to know some of its history, but I have not been able to find anything. Maybe its the house, maybe its a kindy spirit. Whatever the case, this house is a happy place. And I am happy to live in it.

Frances, NSW, Australia
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