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My New Queenslander

April 2005

I recently purchased an old Queenslander style house in Townsville. It has been raised, and the lower level built in to create a two story home.

Since moving in a few strange things have happened culminating in my experience last night (7 April 2005).

When I first moved in I didn't notice anything strange but after about a month living in my new house I started to find the downstairs lights on in the morning. Now to explain this, my bedroom is at the top of the stairs, and any light coming from downstairs shines straight through my door, as I live alone, I leave my bedroom door open, so I could not have gone to sleep without noticing the lights on. I always dismissed this even though I knew that I had not left any lights on.

The next strange thing to start happening was the chain latch on the front door would be off in the morning even though I was sure I had latched it. Obviously I could have forgotten, but after a while I made a point of ensuring that it was latched, and still I would find it off in the morning.

Although odd, I always just dismissed the lights and the latch, but last night that all changed. I had gone to bed at around 10 and was watching television at about 11 I switched off the telly, and there was a young man standing in my doorway! As I saw him he walked out of view. I was startled, and thought that it was an intruder so I jumped up and ran out of my room to try and apprehend him. When I got to the doorway I couldn't see him anywhere. I went down the stairs and turned all the lights on. Nothing. There is no way for someone to get out of the house other than the door with the latch, and it was still attached. I have always been a bit of a sceptic, but now I think that I have a ghost. I am now trying to track down the history of my house and the land I am on.

Thanks for reading.

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